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Pimp my site with custom-built plugins

In other words, it’s a way we can enhance your website by making your processes smoother and efficient for you, but most importantly create a meaningful user experience for your customers when they visit your site.

Think of it as an add-on for your site. Much like when you’re ordering a burger at that place with the golden arches and you get asked ‘Do you want fries with that?’ and you say ‘Yes please’. Except in this case there’s no fries on the side, what you’re getting is more website functionality!


What is a plugin?

Without getting into the nitty gritty, a plugin is basically software that can be added to your site to create a specific feature or function.

We won’t get all techie on you about plugins, in theory it’s not that exciting (unless you’re a developer), but the end product of what a custom plugin can do for your site is definitely worth talking about.

So in essence, we create unique (customised) solutions (plugins) for you to be utilised on your site to make your user experience that much better.

Image module
Image module

Why would I need a custom-built plugin?

Do you have a problem you need solving for your customers? Is there something they’re looking for that they wish they could do on your site but currently can’t?

There are many off the shelf plugins available to enhance your site. If you’re using WordPress they have a directory full of them. But to fulfil a specific function you may need a tailored application. And customise we shall!

Still don’t really get it?

Look at what we’ve prepared earlier:

  • An international freight calculator tool for CanDDU( The tool required multiple logins that could provide vendors with quotes and custom invoicing templates.
  • All Saint’s College Story Lines Festival ( were in need of a booking form for their site, which could take payments, make it possible to book multiple events at a time and import or export .csv documents.

These kinds of solutions generally require APIs to make it all come together. What we’re talking about here are third party tools or data sources, like Google Maps or PayPal.

So… How does it work?

With any project, we’ll sit down and scope all of your requirements down to the very last detail to develop the best possible solution for your site.

Back in the lab, we’ll bury ourselves deep into codeland to create your bespoke functionality. We keep security top of mind, so we’ll ensure your data is full proof and secured under virtual lock and key. Then it’s time to test, test and test until we know we’ve hit the jackpot. And it’s over to you.

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