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Digital Monopoly’s free SEO reports will help you find and fix SEO issues and boost your ranking in Google

Prioritise SEO issues and decide what to fix

Quickly see how user friendly your website is.

Find and fix SEO mistakes

Make sure your website is safe and secure.

Analyse Site Performance and Social popularity.

Check your sites health with our SEO analysis

The report grades your website based on the strength of various SEO factors such as On Page Optimisation, Off Page Links, Social and more. The overall Grade is on a A+ to F- scale, with most major, industry leading websites in the A range. Improving your grade will generally make your website perform better for users and rank better in search engines. There are recommendations for improving your website at the bottom of the report. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like us to help with improving your website’s SEO!

SEO optimisation is important to ensure you are driving traffic to your site via search engines, we will give you an overall SEO score based upon the latest factors.

The usability of your website across desktop and mobile devices is important to maximise user time on page.

The tool analyses performance of the website and server loading speed.

Social Activity is important for brand awareness and repeat visitors, we can see how active your site is or isn’t.

Security is important to ensure your site doesn’t get compromised, we’ll report on how secure your website is according to industry leading security agencies.

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