Explorer Travel expands

its search and social marketing

to deliver ‘off the charts’ result


• Increase new franchise sales

• Generate leads for new franchise partners

• Increase attendance at Discovery Days events


• Advertise on Google’s Display Network (GDN)

• Implement a targeted search campaign

• Create Facebook lead generation forms and ads

• Develop Facebook content strategy


• 500% increase in new franchise sales

• Qualified leads generated within 4 weeks of new franchisee start up

• 95% increased attendance at Discovery Days

A clever combination of search and display campaigns, supported by Facebook marketing, were the key drivers to spearheading Explorer Travel’s leads and sales to new heights. In March 2016, the UK based online travel franchise commenced an ongoing brand campaign through the GDN that focused its targeting on topics, keywords, context and in-market audiences designed to capture attention and create awareness for the brand.

By reviewing historical website data to refine the search target audience, Digital Monopoly were also able to identify potential customers specifically looking for franchise opportunities via a customised search campaign.

A key marketing tool for Explorer Travel are their monthly Discovery Days sessions, which provide an opportunity for people to learn more about owning their own online travel agency. Facebook ads and lead generation forms were implemented to create interest about the sessions, backed by a solid content plan to engage their target audience via The Explorer Travel Facebook page. Attendances shot up by 95% – a 10-fold increase in potential franchisees.

The result of these campaigns saw the number of Explorer Travel’s franchise partners grow by 176%. To help give the new partners a head start, we set them up with tailored search campaigns along with online conversion tracking, resulting in qualified leads generated within 4 weeks.

In less than 1 year, Explorer Travel reported an amazing 500% increase in new franchise sales.

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