How Lifestyle Wardrobes


its business online


• Find more cost effective advertising solutions

• Enhance online presence

• Improve organic search rankings

• Generate quality leads


• Produce an effective SEO strategy

• Develop tactical AdWords campaigns


• #1 position in organic search for main generic term

• First page position in SERPs for over 80 keywords

• 74% increase in website traffic

• 196% increase in page views

• Sales increased by $750K within 10 months

• Enquiries up by 169%

• Monthly advertising costs reduced by $8K

With a monthly print advertising spend of $10K and no real measurable return on investment, Lifestyle Wardrobes was eager to move away from traditional forms of advertising in an effort to reduce their overall budget and increase customer leads.

The solution was simple. Overhaul their current advertising efforts with a comprehensive SEO strategy and paid search campaigns, which would ultimately improve Lifestyle Wardrobe’s online presence and rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Extensive research was conducted to identify relevant and effective search terms for both the organic and paid search campaigns. Previously, their best position in SERPs was page 3, but with carefully executed onsite and offsite SEO tactics, these results changed dramatically. The company is now enjoying page 1 positions for over 80 organic search terms, of which 30 keywords are ranked top 3. And the icing on the cake was securing and maintaining the number 1 position for their main generic search term.

Working in tandem with their SEO strategy was a tailored Google AdWords campaign, with a budget focused on achieving a 90% search impression share. A review of the company’s Google My Business (GMB) listing was also carried out and optimised accordingly for their local search terms.

Within 10 months Lifestyle Wardrobes saw their sales increase by $750K, with website traffic and enquires on the up and showing no signs of slowing down. They also acquired new contracts with local home builders, and their advertising costs have gone down by $8,000 per month.

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