Red Ink Homes
combines SEO &
display advertising

To monumentally boost its online presence


• Raise brand awareness

• Achieve top 5 organic search rankings for key terms

• Generate qualified leads


• Run display and remarketing campaigns

• Develop a content strategy

• Editorial placement with industry leaders


• 300% increased organic visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs)

• Top 5 organic rankings for 30+ keywords

• 200% increase in monthly website traffic

• Generated 80+ qualified leads per week

As one of Perth’s leading home builders, Red Ink Homes was looking to build upon its reputation and create a stronger online presence by increasing its brand awareness, dominating organic search rankings and ultimately generate qualified leads for their local sales team.

Display advertising and remarketing campaigns were implemented to drive awareness and highlight new projects and promotions. Because of the nature of these, an agile campaign was set up to allow shifting the focus of its ad content as required. Creative HTML5 ads were produced to draw attention and create brand recognition. The remarketing campaigns were segmented based on customer interests and browsing history, with the intent to recapture window shoppers and turn them into potential leads.

Employing ongoing SEO tactics was crucial to the success of achieving top 5 organic rankings for key generic search terms. A robust content strategy was developed, which included regular onsite publications and securing editorial placement on influential industry related sites. The result was a 300% increase in organic visibility in SERPs.

Following the duration of the 8 month campaign, the Red Ink Homes website was receiving more than 6,000 unique visitors a month and generating at least 80 qualified leads on a weekly basis.

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