How RV Parts Express

generated a 1000% return

using Google AdWords


• Increase online sales

• Raise brand awareness


• Implement a comprehensive search campaign


• 1000% return on advertising spend (ROAS)

• Ongoing improvement in Cost Per Action (CPA

In an effort to lift the profile of its online store and ultimately increase conversions to support its 5 physical retail stores, RV Parts Express enlisted the help of Digital Monopoly’s Google AdWords management specialists, to develop an intricate and all-encompassing search campaign.

An innovative campaign structure was implemented to control the client’s budget on match types and accurately measure campaign performance. The campaign included multivariate testing on the ads created, keywords and match types to determine the best formula, and utilised both manual and automated bidding methods.

To effectively track the performance, Digital Monopoly introduced real transaction values via  Google Analytics, which provided valuable insights for optimising the campaign and generating optimum results.

In just a short space of 16 months, the caravan accessories retailer celebrated a monumental 1000% ROAS and noticed a month on month improvement in its CPA.

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