Thirdi Group harness

the power of content to

engage and connect


• Raise brand awareness

• Generate sales leads


• Create engaging content

• Distribution of content via promotion channels

• Remarketing campaign


• Content received over 1.3 million views in 3 weeks

• Website visits increased by 1,500 with a 5% conversion rate

Property development innovators, Thirdi Group were looking to create impact and investor demand for their new wave of high rise developments in Sydney. Digital Monopoly took on the challenge with a fine tuned content marketing strategy, which included producing a series of captivating articles about the new apartment offerings, designed to spark interest from potential investors.

One by one the content was distributed and promoted through various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, the Google display network and reputable industry related websites. A remarketing campaign was also executed, targeted at recapturing visitors who had previously shown an interest in the development projects.

Within 3 weeks the published content received over 1.3 million views. The promotion channels helped drive 1,500 more unique visitors to the website, resulting in a 5% conversion rate equivalent to 75 qualified leads.

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