Logo and brand design

Brand your business… Before you get branded

Big brands understand the value of branding, but if you’re a startup or small to medium business you might think why should I bother?

We’ll tell you why.    

You care about your reputation right? Want to make a name for yourself and make your product or service the most desirable to your consumers?

Creating the right impression for your business is more than just about a fancy logo or slogan. It’s the whole experience customers get from you – your personality, the way you talk, what you wear – and how you wear it… Everything you do or don’t do is a reflection of your brand.

And wouldn’t you rather be in control of this over someone giving you a permanent bad rap, much like the stench of a day-old curried egg sandwich?

It’s all about the sizzle not the steak

These days anyone can have a website, so what’s going to make you stand out in the crowd? Your brand.

A strong brand understands what problems their customers and prospects are trying to solve. And that’s where we begin.

Ponder this: What makes you different? Better than the rest? What do you stand for? What value do you bring to customers? It’s the answers to these sorts of questions that start to lay the foundations for your brand.

We’ll take your thoughts, run with it and help you sell the sizzle by building your brand identity from the ground up. From concept to design and developing your brand and logo, we’ll collaborate to make your vision something worth bragging about.

Make your logo design stand out in Perth

Our talented doodlers at Digital Monopoly specialise in business logo design for the Perth market, so we know a thing or two about creating an impact with consumers.

Developing a logo for your business is the first step to creating your brand story. We’ll take the time to understand what drives your business and vision. Your logo should make a strong statement about who you are and reflect your style, but also appeal to your target audience.

With all of this ammunition up our sleeves, our logo designers in Perth will explore a number of different avenues to bring out your personality. We’ll string all the visual elements together to create a professional, custom designed logo that is memorable, recognisable and versatile.

Branding and beyond

A logo is just the start of building your brand. A strong brand takes into consideration the use of colour palette, typeface, image and language style and its application across digital and print mediums.

Much like our approach with logo design, we’ll brainstorm with you and visualise your presence in the market against your competitors, then go behind the scenes and tinker away at refining what makes you, well, you!

Once the look and feel is down pat it’s time to have some fun and apply it across your digital footprint. On your website, emails, social media platforms, blog, online advertising, apps – it should all sing in tune. Am I right Selena Gomez?

We’re good with paper too

And we don’t mean origami! What you’re looking at is more than just a one-trick-pony. At Digital Monopoly, our graphic designers also dabble – a lot in print design.

The beauty of this?

You can ensure your branding is professional, consistent and aligned across both print and digital. From business cards, brochures, signage, merchandising, advertising and promotional material – whatever you need, whatever the format, it’s sorted.

Make your mark

Put it all together and what do you get? Aside from a competitive edge, you’ll start to build credibility, loyalty and trust with consumers from the moment they lay eyes on you. They’ll form an emotional connection with your product or service, which in turn will motivate them to buy.

Not only will you look professional, you’ll ooze the kind of confidence that your competitors are so envious of. So the next time someone is looking for a product or service that relates to your industry, they’ll naturally think of you.

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Ready to get started?

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