Come on get ‘appy!

Are you sitting down right now? If not perhaps you should, as the next thing you read may astound you.

When it comes to mobile use, consumers prefer to spend a staggering 89% of their time on apps to mobile sites. And there appears to be no signs of it slowing down either.

Are you mobile friendly?

It’s no question these days that your brand should be providing mobile experiences for your customers in order to stay competitive and relevant.

You need to look beyond just a mobile presence and think about how your customers can make the most out of their time spent with you on mobile.

What is it that they want from you? Do they have a problem you want to help solve, are they looking for a tool to make a purchase, or to simply enable a service easier? The solution – an app!

Perth’s app development specialists

Our app developers in Perth are geniuses at building apps for IOS, Android and Windows phones, tablets and phablets. Some of our clients have included Shipwrecks WA,Carve Solutions and Thrass IT.

Let’s break the ice

So…You have an idea for an app for your business? We wanna hear it! And it all begins with a scoping session to gather all of your requirements. This includes exploring user intent, what features you would like to include and how you want the app to function.

Design and production

This is where we get stuck into the nuts and bolts of constructing your app and make it look all pretty and appealing for your customers.

Before you know it you’ll be pushing it live and opening up the door to even more business opportunities.

What does an app do better than a website or brochure?

We doubt you need convincing to develop an app, but just in case you have to sell your idea to the big wigs, here’s a few reasons to help you out:

Increase efficiency – tasks that may otherwise take a long time to perform could be done in just a few swipes and clicks (this holds true for both customers and employees).

Attract new customers – opening yourself up to the app world brings with it a wide range of new and potential customers you may have never previously reached out to.

Improve interest in a service – just like a slap of new paint a change in scenery could do wonders to a service you provide that’s in need of a facelift.

A new way to engage – customers will appreciate you moving away from doing something the same old, boring way. You’ll provide more value for them and in turn foster brand loyalty.

Stand out from the competition – if you’re a small business, chances are you could be leading the pack to offering a mobile app solution to your customers.

Got a winning idea for an app? Let’s make it happen. Call Perth’s leading iPhone app development specialists on 1300 224 806 to get underway.

Ready to get started?

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