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Traffic to your website is steadily climbing. The data looks great at first glance but a closer look at analytics reveals a grim picture: Conversions are low. Visitors just aren’t taking the action you want them to on your landing pages. A completed action counts as a conversion which might include purchasing a product, filling out a lead form, downloading a free trial or even signing up for a newsletter.

Without addressing why visitors aren’t converting, putting more money towards traffic generation would only be a waste of resources. A far better investment with higher potential returns is to pinpoint and address weak points of your website that are causing visitors to leave.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of using analytics data and various methodologies to enhance the performance of a website. Often there are various elements on a webpage that can cause visitors to leave without converting. These details matter as a few key changes all add up and translate to more conversions for your business, all with the same level of traffic your site generates now.

Traffic into more sales

Here is how working with our SEO agency gets your business ranking in Google:

User Experience (UX)
A frustrating browsing experience causes visitors to leave without converting. Usability then plays a major role in increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates. Optimising the user experience starts by first understanding how visitors behave on your website. We start the CRO process by evaluating the usability of your website to identify any weak points of your landing pages.
Conversion Funnel Analysis
A conversion funnel is the path that visitors take on your website to become a customer. Understanding this process is key to optimising that journey from start to finish. We extensively analyse each step of the conversion process to pinpoint and address those barriers that are preventing visitors from converting.
Heat Mapping and User Testing
A heat map is a valuable CRO tool that provides a graphical representation of how visitors interact with your websites. We combine heat mapping with actual user feedback to evaluate the areas that visitors pay attention to and the parts they ignore. The insights gained allow us to better optimise the various aspects of your landing pages.
One of the most important steps in CRO is the planning stage. After analysing your website and establishing baseline figures, we get to work on formulating hypotheses and designing experiments to test them. This methodical approach is designed to align with your business objectives and conversion goals.
A/B Testing
We conduct A/B testing (also called split testing) using sophisticated tools and insights gained from our extensive analysis of your website. This process involves displaying two versions of a landing page and splitting the traffic to determine how certain changes (e.g. layouts, colour, call to actions, etc.) perform better. The page with higher conversions wins and the process is repeated again.
Optimisation is an ongoing process as even the most successful landing pages can always be improved. While new experiments are carried out, we meticulously analyse the results against baseline figures calculated earlier from previous steps. Then we formulate new plans to drive incremental gains even further. The result is a highly refined process that drives even more conversions to your business.

How Conversion Rate Optimisation Benefits Your Business

CRO is a proven process that uncovers why visitors aren’t converting on your pages and benefits your business in the following ways:

  • Brings in more customers:

    Continuously optimising your website leads to an improved browsing experience which means higher engagement and reduced bounce rates. Even a single percentage increase means more qualified leads and sales for your business.

  • Lowers acquisition costs:

    Bringing in new customers is crucial but it can also be expensive. CRO helps you get even more value from your traffic generation efforts by converting more visitors, thus lowering customer acquisition costs in the process.

  • Delivers a competitive advantage:

    A refined conversion funnel with optimised landing pages gives your business a strong competitive advantage online and complements other marketing strategies like search engine optimisation and paid advertising.

Traffic into more sales

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