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Traditional media outlets have been the standard marketing channel for brands to reach consumers but the landscape has changed dramatically. Digital content consumption is at an all time high as more people turn to social media and other platforms for their news. The need for brands to look beyond traditional forms of media has never been higher.

Digital PR combines traditional PR practices—communication and relationship building—with digital platforms like search and social media to connect your brand with your target audience. It all culminates to create a powerful strategy that increases and maintains a positive presence online for your brand.

That kind of reach is incredibly valuable for businesses in any industry as it means greater reach. But there is no shortage of digital content that gets published on a daily basis. The challenge then is cutting through all the noise and creating a message that stands out, especially one that people want to read and share. That’s where we come in.

Digital Monopoly offers digital PR services that tap into the same practices that make traditional PR an effective branding tool. We do this through building relationships with key influencers and monitoring popular channels for opportunities to generate even more exposure for your brand.

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Our Digital PR Services

A strong presence online is a must to effectively compete in the ever changing digital landscape. Our digital PR services that we offer encompass the following:

Research & Competition Analysis
Research is at the foundation for planning a digital PR strategy. We conduct comprehensive research to identify the kind of content that resonates and connects with your audience. This stage also consists of extensive competition research to reveal their approach and uncover opportunities to give your brand more of an edge online.
Media Relations
Strong media relations is part of what makes an effective digital PR campaign. We build relationships with the media and keep them up to date on exciting developments from your business such as new product launches or upcoming events. Then we get to work on drafting the press releases and other branded content for publication.
Branded Content
Digital PR also integrates content marketing—creating and distributing engaging content that connects your brand to your audience. It’s the kind of content that gets your brand noticed online, and drives more traffic and sales to your business in the process. Our creative team develops branded content for your business that gets results.
Reputation Management
Reputation management is another core part of the digital PR services we offer. Your website is often the first point of contact that consumers have with your business. Protecting the image of your company then has never been more important especially in the digital era. We take steps to manage and protect your reputation online by tuning into what customers are saying about your business.
Consumers increasingly turn to social media to voice their opinions or criticisms. Effective digital PR means tuning into these conversations to identify opportunities and even possible threats that could undermine your reputation online. We use sophisticated tools to monitor what people are saying about your brand and extract actionable insights that drive your business goals forward.
Analytics is an integral component of digital PR. Without effective tracking in place it’s difficult to understand what works and what doesn’t. We help set up Google Analytics which now has a PR dashboard so you can see how our PR efforts are translating to real results for your business. Our team keeps you up to date on all aspects of your campaign.

What Digital PR Can Do For Your Business

Digital PR is a valuable marketing tool. It’s one that can help your business gain favourable coverage online and even offline to traditional outlets. Other benefits to your business also include the following:

  • Improved visibility:

    Digital PR when done correctly has a positive effect on search engine visibility through content distribution and quality link building. This means better rankings and more targeted traffic to your landing pages through search.

  • Positive Image:

    Today, more people consume content from digital platforms than ever before. An effective digital PR campaign creates a great first impression and ensures the right people are connecting with your brand.

  • Consistent Messaging:

    Our PR team uses an editorial calendar to promote your content across multiple platforms, all while maintaining a consistent message that reflects your brand.

Digltal PR

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Digital Monopoly has extensive experience developing and implementing digital PR strategies for clients across different industries. Our services are designed to deliver maximum exposure for your brand online through strategic relationships and content marketing. It all comes together to a powerful solution that has been tailored to fit your business objectives.

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