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Links remain critical to search. This has been a fact since the early days of the Internet and remains largely unchanged today. Think of links like a vote—each one is essentially a vote that gives search engines greater confidence when ranking a site. All other factors being equal, a site with more links will easily outrank a site without any.

Using automated software to spam your pages with links may have worked in the past. But thanks to the Penguin update, Google began punishing sites that relied on such tactics. Sites that were once ranking for their keywords were suddenly nowhere to be found.

If this describes your own situation, the problem may be your link profile. Links from irrelevant or spammy sources do more harm than good. Worse is that any efforts you take to improve your rankings could be held back with low quality links. The first step to recover your rankings and drive more traffic to your page starts with a comprehensive link audit.

If your rankings have taken a nosedive due to low quality links, we can help.

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Our Link Audit Services

Digital Monopoly conducts an extensive analysis of your site’s link profile. The goal is to identify and remove links that are potentially hurting your rankings. It’s a lengthy but crucial process that requires in-depth knowledge of how links. Our link audit services cover the following:

Link Extraction
The first step starts with data collection. While webmasters can view links to their site from Google Search Console, it only displays a small sample. We use several sophisticated tools to extract as many external links pointing to your pages as possible. Then we compile details about each including the referring URLs and the anchor text that was used.
Link Review
Not all links are equal. We conduct an extensive analysis of data extracted of the external links to your pages and conduct an extensive review of each. This involves identifying low quality links from spammy sources that are hurting your site’s SEO. The data is then compiled into another spreadsheet for link removal.
Manual Link Removal
A link audit gives us a much clearer picture of your link profile. If we suspect that certain links are hurting your rankings, we reach out to the webmaster to have them taken down. This is often the best approach and one that works in your favour. If your site has been hit with a manual review, you can show the steps you’ve taken to remove unnatural links and request a reconsideration.
Disavowing Links
Efforts to manually remove spammy or low quality links aren’t always successful. In these cases, we create a disavow file with a list of the remaining links and upload it. The file essentially tells Google not to consider certain links when assessing your site. It takes time for Google to process the information but you can expect steady improvement in rankings.
Link Building
A link audit only identifies and removes low quality links. In the meantime you need to show Google that your site is worth ranking in the search results. We also offer additional services that build quality links to your pages through a combination of outreach and content marketing. The result is a strong link profile that drives more search engine traffic through higher rankings.
Continuous backlink monitoring is essential but checking incoming links can be time-consuming. We use link management tools to keep a close eye on your link profile. If we notice any suspicious activity, we take immediate steps to remove any offending links. We also deliver regular reports so you can see how our efforts are positively influencing your visibility online.

Does Your Site Need a Link Audit?

Not every website needs a link audit but with how fast the digital landscape changes, one can never be too safe. Here are some situations where we recommend evaluating your link profile:

  • Your site was penalised:

    Google penalises sites it suspects of using manipulative tactics to gain higher rankings. If your site is nowhere to be found in the search results, it’s likely been hit with a penalty. We conduct a thorough analysis of your site to pinpoint the exact cause.

  • Rankings are slipping:

    Google frequently updates its ranking algorithm to deliver more relevant results. If your rankings are starting to slip, it could be due to Google reducing the effectiveness of certain links. Either way it’s strongly recommended to have a link audit done.

  • You purchased links:

    Participating in link schemes (e.g. buying links) can have an adverse effect on your rankings. Even if your site ranks well for its target keywords, you’ll want to remove purchased links especially those from spammy sources.

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Digital Monopoly delivers link audits that are custom developed for your business. We follow a proven process to identify and remove potentially harmful links to your pages. If your site has been affected by a recent algorithm update, our team can help.

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