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Recover Your Search Engine Rankings

As a business owner you depend on search to reach your target audience online. So you invest more towards SEO to build a stronger presence online and attract more customers. Rankings and traffic are both steadily climbing—a positive sign that your efforts are paying off. But suddenly your site is nowhere to be found in Google and traffic has taken a complete nosedive.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Over the years Google has released several major updates for its ranking algorithm. Two in particular—Panda and Penguin—have made sweeping changes across the search results, penalising sites with low quality content and unnatural links from spammy sources.

Getting hit with a ranking penalty can be devastating. It’s akin to having a storefront in a populated area and suddenly forced away to where there’s barely any foot traffic. Sales would only be a trickle of what they were before. The good news is that unlike physical locations, rankings aren’t permanent. With sustained effort it’s entirely possible to recover from a penalty.

If your site has been penalised and you've struggled with recovering your rankings, we can help.

Recover Your Search Engine Rankings

Our Penalty Removal Services

Digital Monopoly understands how frustrating ranking penalties can be. Recovering from a penalty isn’t easy as there are no immediate fixes but it’s entirely possible to recover your rankings. Our penalty recovery services include the following:

Website Audit
The first step to recover your rankings is to identify why your site was penalised. We start with an extensive audit of your website to pinpoint the exact reason your rankings have dropped. Then our experts get to work on crafting a strategy to reverse the penalty whether it was due to low quality content or spammy links.
Panda Recovery
Panda is an algorithmic update that targets low quality sites with thin content. If your site has been hit with this penalty, we conduct an audit to identify any weak points in your site. Then we edit or completely remove any low quality content altogether to recover your rankings. The result is high quality content that is both engaging to your users and search engine friendly.
Penguin Recovery
Penguin penalises sites that rely on questionable link building techniques to boost their rankings. If your site has suffered a ranking penalty and your link profile consists of spammy links, your site has likely been affected by this update. We conduct a link to identify and remove any potential links that are hurting your rankings. Then we take steps to build quality links to your pages.
Mobile Recovery
Another major update that Google has released is its mobile friendly update. If your site isn’t optimised for mobile devices you can expect lower rankings in the mobile search results. We run several tests to check if your site meets all mobile requirements. If it doesn’t, our web designers implement a responsive design for your site so it’s accessible across all devices.
Pigeon Recovery
Pigeon makes the local search results more relevant and useful. Sites that are at risk include those with poorly optimised pages and inconsistent profiles on business directories. If your site has been hit with this algorithm update, we optimise your landing pages and ensure your details are consistent across your local listings.
Monitoring and Reporting
As we work to remove the ranking penalty, we use sophisticated tools to monitor your site’s visibility in the search results. We also provide frequent reports so you can see exactly how our efforts lead to a positive improvement in your rankings. No matter which update has led to a penalty, our team can get it removed.

Our Penalty Removal Process

Recovering your rankings is not an overnight process. Even relatively minor issues can take a few weeks to fully recover from while other penalties can take much longer. Our penalty removal process includes the following steps:

  • Identify:

    We start by identifying the exact reason your site was penalised whether it was due to low quality content or spammy links.

  • Removal:

    Once we know why your rankings have taken a hit, we quickly get to work on addressing those issues. If your site has had manual action taken against it, we rectify the issue and send out a reconsideration request.

  • Monitor:

    We continue to keep a close eye on your site using several tracking tools. This allows us to adjust our implementation in real time.

Penalty Removal Process

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Digital Monopoly has worked successfully with clients across a range of industries to recover their rankings from an algorithm penalty. If your site has been affected by one of the major updates from Google, it’s important to act quickly. Each day that your site isn’t ranking means that your potential customers are clicking through to your competitors.

Contact us today for more details about our penalty removal services and start ranking again in the search results.

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