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The digital landscape is constantly shifting. Decisions from website design changes to marketing strategies not only need to be made quickly but also need to be based on clear insights. Otherwise you risk making costly decisions that can take a while to recover from. This is what makes web analytics a valuable aspect for any business with an online presence.

Web analytics measures how much traffic new campaigns are generating and provides detailed data about your website visitors. It’s an effective tool that can be used to improve your marketing campaigns and even optimise your landing pages for better performance.

Proper implementation of analytics uncovers hidden opportunities and brings a clear understanding of your online presence. Most importantly it provides insight on the actions needed to push business objectives forward. There is no doubt that traffic stats valuable but data on its own is meaningless without extensive analysis.

Web Analytics Consultancy

Our Analytics Consultancy Services

Digital Monopoly offers web analytics services that go beyond installation and initial setup. We dig deep into the key metrics that matter most for your business. So you can make informed marketing decisions and deliver an enhanced experience for your users. Our web analytics consultancy services encompass the following:

Installation and Setup
Google Analytics is a popular and free analytics tool, and one that we recommend for all of our clients. It offers an intuitive interface for viewing key metrics at a glance. It also offers a suite of advanced features from visitor segmentation to conversion tracking and more. We install analytics on your website and check that everything is setup properly.
Goal Tracking
Without proper tracking it’s almost impossible to determine which channels led to conversions. A conversion for your business could be anything from a product sale to an enquiry on a lead form. We set up goal tracking with Google Analytics to measure conversions for your business. The data lets you better understand which of your campaigns are generating a positive ROI.
Visitor Segmentation
Visitor segmentation allows you to dig deeper and segment your audience through various metrics (e.g. referral sources, returning visitors, etc.). Details from visitor segmentation can be used to create and display useful reports on your dashboard. We carefully analyse this data for key insights your business can capitalise on.
Behaviour Analysis
More traffic is always a good sign but it doesn’t reveal the whole picture. To realise the full potential of your website, you need a clear understanding of what visitors are doing. We conduct a detailed behaviour analysis of your visitors and plot their journey as they move through the sales cycle on your website. This allows us to identify and optimise weak points of your website.
Mobile Analytics
Online users increasingly use mobile devices to browse the web and conduct product research. Mobile analytics involves measuring and analysing data from visitors who access your site from smartphones and tablets. We help you better understand this segment of your audience through our in-depth analysis of your mobile visitors.
Ongoing Reporting
Ongoing reporting is key to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and measure visitor engagement. Tracking analytics data also helps quickly identify patterns in user behaviour. All this is provided in detailed reports that we share with you along with suggested actions to give your business an even stronger competitive advantage online.

How Analytics Consultancy Benefits Your Business

Analytics is a must have tool that provides a wealth of information about your website visitors. This is key as making decisions without any concrete data can end up doing more harm than good in the long term. The analytics consultancy services we offer benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Measure campaign performance:

    If certain channels aren’t converting, it doesn’t make sense to continue investing in them. Proper analytics setup lets you easily measure and assess the impact of your digital marketing efforts so you can allocate resources accordingly.

  • Optimise website usability:

    Analytics can tell you how effective certain landing pages are and whether visitors are completing the action you want them to. This data can be used to improve the usability of your pages and reduce bounce rates.

  • Identify user trends:

    Analytics data can key you into new emerging trends and marketing channels that are worth pursuing, thus allowing you to pinpoint potentially lucrative opportunities.

Analytics Consultancy Benefits your business

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Digital Monopoly offers web analytics consultancy services that are tailored to your situation. Our data experts dig into the key metrics that are most important for your business. Whether you sell products or provide services, we show you exactly how your visitors are engaging with your website and even lay out steps you can take to improve that experience.

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