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How Healthy is Your Website?

Your website is a valuable marketing asset. It often serves as the first point of contact that visitors have with a brand. A strong online presence on search and social media is necessary then to reach new customers. But equally important is a well designed site as visitors won’t hesitate to click the back button if any aspect fails to meet their expectations.

Evaluating the health of your website is the first step to turning it into an effective marketing tool. Anything from slow loading pages to accessibility errors drive visitors away. Worse is that such issues can even lead to reduced rankings in the search results.

Digital Monopoly provides comprehensive website health check services. We use a host of sophisticated tools to analyse all aspects of your website to identify any weak points that could be affecting sales. The results of our health check are then compiled into a detailed report so you know which issues to prioritise. Following our recommendations means a better performing website for your business.

Website Health Check

Our Website Health Check Services

If any part of your website is difficult to use or parts of it are inaccessible, visitors will leave and click through to a competing site. We dig deep into all potential issues that could be negatively affecting conversions. Our website health check services encompass the following:

Usability Testing
The success of your website depends on how easy it is for users to complete an action whether it’s making a purchase or filling out a lead form. We conduct extensive usability tests on the layout and navigation of your website to pinpoint any weak areas that might confuse visitors. Then we get to work on compiling all the data together.
Accessibility Checks
We run several tests and check for any accessibility errors that may prevent users from interacting with your website. As more consumers browse the web across different devices, your website needs to incorporate a design that is easily accessible on mobile. Addressing these issues is important to keep visitors on your pages and maintain your rankings.
Technical Audits
A website that is coded to standards means that it is error free and compatible across all devices. This makes for a more stable website that is reliable and easier to maintain. We run your website through a number of validation tools to check the markup validity of your website. Addressing these issues is beneficial from both a user and SEO standpoint.
Performance Analysis
Online users expect web pages to load fast especially when browsing on mobile devices. If your website is too slow, you risk visitors leaving in frustration. We use several sophisticated tools to measure the performance of your site and make recommendations on what you can do to improve loading times. Even a one second improvement can mean more to your bottom line.
Search Engine Optimisation
A well optimised site is a must to rank in the search results for your target keywords. Part of our website health checks also involves conducting a thorough audit of your website’s SEO. This means evaluating your content, checking for any crawling errors, and even analysing backlinks to your pages. Our analysis is then compiled into a spreadsheet.
We aim to be as comprehensive as possible when evaluating the health of your website. With our website health checks, you’ll have a much better understanding of the potential issues that prevent visitors from converting. We also include recommendations with our reports to start generating results as quickly as possible.

How Our Website Health Checks Benefit Your Business

Evaluating the health of your website is not just about assessing how it looks. Even a site with an engaging design can fail to convert visitors if it’s poorly built. In these cases your website is likely losing sales during the conversion process. Our website health check services benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Improved usability:

    Improving the usability of your site means that your users have a better browsing experience. We conduct extensive testing to check for any usability issues that could prevent users from completing a purchase.

  • Increased visibility:

    Any technical or accessibility issues could be harming your search engine rankings. Addressing these issues means better rankings in the search results and more targeted traffic to your landing pages.

  • More sales:

    Following our recommendations means a much improved site, translating to more qualified leads and sales for your business.

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Digital Monopoly offers website health check services that are tailored specifically for your business. We use sophisticated tools at our disposal to evaluate all aspects of your website. With our services, we uncover potentially problematic issues and make detailed recommendations on what to prioritise to drive more sales with your most valuable marketing asset.

Contact us today to arrange a website health check for your business.

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