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Blogging is an effective content marketing tool for a few key reasons. It helps improve your SEO, provides content sharing opportunities on social media and it can help build your brand authority.

The same applies to guest blogging (also referred to as blogger outreach), but the pleasantries don’t stop there.

How guest blogging works?

You write a piece of content for a third party blog in the form of a guest post, in an effort to increase your exposure and brand awareness.

It’s about getting influential people to promote your product or service via their channel – today’s equivalent to word of mouth marketing. What could possibly be better than having someone else flaunt how good you are?

Blogger outreach taps into the right audience for you, providing a neutral avenue for readers to be exposed to your product or service, start talking about it and ultimately impact their buying behaviour.

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Our guest blogging services

We also like to coin it as link building services – because that’s essentially what a guest blog can do for your website.

Campaign goal setting

Before we start getting your word out, we need to establish your goals – what do you want to get out of guest blogging? Is it to purely drive more traffic to your site, build backlinks, position yourself as a trusted brand in your industry or all of the above?

Understanding your goals will help us to hook you up with the right blogs to target your guest posts.

Make the connection

We’ll make sure the blog we pitch to is relevant to your business and needs.

We have an extensive network of bloggers with high domain authority that can help you achieve your objectives. These relationships have been established over time – something that would take you longer than a coffee break to match.

Essentially, we’re saving you time doing the painstaking research and legwork to find your next guest blogging opportunity!

Content production

The content we produce for your guest post is top notch and written by our own writers. We’ll align it so that it resonates with the blog’s style and link back appropriately within your guest post bio. We can also supply quality infographics, which once published will also create links back to your website.

The most important thing to understand with guest blogging is that your content is not a blatant advertisement. We take a very tactful approach to ensuring what you post is a valuable source of information.

Why blogs are here to stay

Here’s the proof you might be looking for to get moving with a blogger outreach campaign:

  • 31% of online shoppers are influenced by blogs, which is significant when you compare only 56% are influenced directly by the retail site.
  • Around 65% of blog readers are swayed by posts that include brand mentions.
  • 61% of consumers learn more about a product by doing their research online.

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