#instagood to be in social media?

There are over 3 billion active Internet users in the world, of which over 2 billion have social media accounts. So, why would you leave social media out of your marketing mix?

Every day, Facebook users are sharing around 4.75 billion posts, 500 million tweets get published and 95 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram. Imagine the potential for your business, even if it’s just concentrated on a small piece of Perth’s social media pie.

We’re quite a social bunch ourselves, so we’re naturals when it comes to social media management. We can’t guarantee you’ll get as many followers or engagement as Justin Bieber, but we’ll sure give it a crack!

Our approach

What’s your social landscape look like?

You may currently have no social media presence, a few accounts set up but getting no real traction, or you’ve opened yourself up to every platform under the sun but can’t keep up with it all.

Whatever your situation, our Perth based social media management specialists will strip it all back and review your current digital footprint. We’ll look for opportunities to grow your online presence and recommend the best channels to suit your brand and business needs.

Dedicated social media manager

Think of us as your personal concierge – whatever you need we have the answers. We’ll get you comfortably set up on each platform and get your profiles looking just the way you want them to.

Your social media manager can also help develop your content strategy. As the voice of your brand on social, they can publish and share your content to ensure maximum reach. They’ll also engage with your audience as the initial point of contact for your business.

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Social media advertising

It’s predicted that by 2019, online advertising will account for over half of the total ad spend in Australia. Whilst other more traditional forms of advertising will continue to decline or become stagnant.

Advertising on social media is a great way to increase your brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, increase inbound traffic and of course nurture potential targeted leads. Yes, the benefits swing many ways!

You can also gain so much intel from data collected from social media advertising – you’d think we had a crystal ball sitting under our desks!

Amongst all the noise of social chatter we’ll make your ads pop but also blend in, so that it’s relevant to the conversations taking place.


Just as important as all the work we do front of house, so too is the analysis that follows. We provide monthly reports to assess the effectiveness of your channels and social media marketing efforts in Perth.

Ready or not – here we come!


Are you convinced about the value social media marketing can bring to your Perth business? If not, then we accept the challenge to show you how we can leverage your social media strategy to drive your core business objectives.

Want to start creating your own social media buzz in Perth? Then it’s time you talked to us! Call Digital Monopoly on 1300 224 806 – we promise to like you back.

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