5 Golden Rules to Follow When Choosing an SEO Agency

Your website traffic has been steadily declining.

And your competitors are gradually rising in the search results.

Doing nothing means that this trend would continue until your site is no longer ranking in Google. The answer then is to develop and implement an SEO strategy for your business. The process entails optimising various of your site to improve your rankings in search. SEO is a proven strategy that can drive more targeted traffic to your landing pages.

But there’s only one problem.

You simply do not have the time to implement a strategy.

SEO is not a one-time ordeal. You need to continuously work on your campaign or your rankings will gradually slip. The best solution then is to hire an SEO agency as it will free up more of your time. This also allows you to focus on more important matters.

Finding an agency to work with is not easy as there are is no shortage of SEO companies in Perth.

SEO Agency Perth

It’s not as simple as contacting the cheapest agency you can find. In fact, taking this route can actually do more harm to your site than help it. Engaging in any questionable tactics (e.g. keyword stuffing, spammy link building, etc.) can result in a ranking penalty, the last thing you would want for your business.

With that said, here are some golden rules to follow to help you secure the right SEO agency.

1. Don’t Fall For Any “Guarantees” of Number One Rankings

Beware of any agency that guarantees top rankings for your keywords.

Many agencies make such claims in an attempt to win your business and should be avoided. Google even warns to stay away from companies that guarantee rankings:

Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.

SEO can be rather unpredictable especially as Google constantly updates its ranking algorithm.

So consider it a red flag if an agency tells you right away that they can guarantee rankings. The most an agency can do is conduct an audit of your site and make an estimate. These estimates can vary depending on the keywords you are targeting and how competitive your industry is.

2. Find an Agency That is Already Ranking

Another way to narrow down your list is to conduct a search for “SEO company Perth”. Then look at those companies that are currently ranking for that search query. These are the sites that Google has deemed most relevant so they know exactly what they are doing in terms of SEO.

Remember that Google looks at hundreds of different factors to determine rankings from domain authority to content relevance and more. Sites that rank for competitive terms are there largely because they earned it.

So try to find an SEO agency that is already ranking organically. This tells you that they know how to implement a comprehensive strategy that delivers results.

3. Work With a Local SEO Agency

Working with a local company is strongly recommended.

If any unexpected issues raise, you can go directly to their offices to meet with the team behind your SEO campaign. It also gives you a chance to establish rapport with the company when you schedule an initial consultation. Take this opportunity to learn as much as you can about the company before hiring them.

Ask about the strategies they use to increase rankings and have them show you case studies of previous work done. Taking these steps will help you find the right SEO agency to work with.

4. Understand the Basics of SEO

SEO is not simply about stuffing content with keywords and building as many links as possible. In fact, these practices can get your site penalised in the search results or worse removed completely.

This is why business owners should have a basic understanding of SEO.

If a company tells you that they can build thousands of links to your pages, then it is a major red flag as they likely resort to questionable tactics. Links are still important in terms of rankings but the focus should always be on quality and relevance. A link from a relevant site will carry far more weight than a link from a spammy site.

The same also applies for content. Simply inserting keywords into a page is not enough for it rank. And over optimising a page is an indication of spam which Google treats accordingly by penalising it. Understanding the basics of SEO allows you to determine whether the agency you want to hire has the experience to improve your rankings.

5. Stay Away From Contracts

Generally you want to stay away from companies that offer contracts.

If something goes wrong or you not happy with their services, you cannot leave the company without paying a hefty early termination fee. A better option is to pay as you go as it gives you the flexibility to change to a different company if need be. One thing to remember though is that SEO can take several months to start seeing results.

So don’t despair if your pages are not on the first page after only a few weeks. Depending on how competitive your industry is and the keywords you are targeting, it can take several months or even longer to start ranking.


Choosing the right SEO agency in Perth can be challenging. Especially when there are literally thousands of companies to choose from. Follow these simple rules before you choose a company to work with. Doing your research before making your decision can save you a great deal of frustration later on and drive better results to your business.