Make Your Move Seamless 
Office/Warehouse Relocations

Office relocations require extreme precision, attentiveness and organization. At A2B Removals we understand that your office move needs to be seamless; that’s why our team specialises in packing your files and making your move as easy as possible. Our team is trained to handle your valuable office gear, IT equipment and confidential paperwork.

If you are worried about losing work time you can organise to have the move take place over the weekend and have your new office ready to go on Monday.

Crates and Skates

Why these work best for you:

-Each crate is sealed with 2 security seals to ensure confidentiality

- Plastic crates are user friendly and OH&S compliant, enabling easy packing and moving

-Ideal for maintaining file organization; especially manila folders and storing lever arch

-Crates are provided on a 14 day rental basis to reduce the need for companies to collect and dispose of waste

-Strong and waterproof



IT Capsules 

Have you been worried about protecting your IT equipment?

Relax. We have you covered. IT capsules provide a sturdy, secure, waterproof, self-contained solution for the relocation of IT equipment including phones, desktop tower units, laptops and peripheral items such as keyboards, mice and cabling.

IT capsules, unless requested otherwise, are brought to the office on the night of the relocation. This ensures that office areas are not clogged with relocation materials and exit routes kept clear. There is only a one off charge for the use of these secure and protective capsules.