5 Audience Remarketing Lists to Boost Your AdWords Game

It happens. A visitor lands on your website and even adds a product to their shopping cart but then suddenly abandons the process halfway through, losing your business a potential sale. Typically that visitor would be gone forever, but remarketing makes it possible to reach visitors who have previously interacted with your site. Remarketing is […]

Adwords Mastery Guide: How to Start Small & Win Big

If you’re among the 1 million advertisers using AdWords, then you’re on the proven path of generating leads and increasing sales on your website. But it doesn’t just happen with the click of a finger. If you have budget but lack time, then don’t let your campaigns slide. Investing in Google AdWords management can easily fix […]

The Most Significant Google AdWords Updates of 2016

Google is constantly refining its ranking algorithm to deliver more relevant results.  If the quality of the results started to suffer with spammy or low quality pages, users would turn to alternative search engines. In fact, Google is said to make hundreds of changes to its algorithm each year. There is also the occasional update […]

AdWords’ price extensions to get a makeover

Recently Google announced they would be making user-friendly changes to their AdWords’ price extensions. But before we go there, let’s recap on what price extensions are.  Price extensions – the basics Price extensions are an additional feature in mobile text Ads that allows you to showcase snippets of your brand, services, product range or events in […]

6 Clever Ways to Use Adwords Data for SEO

Google AdWords is an effective platform to drive targeted traffic to your landing pages. But what makes it even more powerful is the data that can be gathered. Running a paid traffic campaign can reveal invaluable insight that you may have overlooked completely. Here we look at clever ways that data with Google AdWords advertising […]

Avoid These Costly PPC Mistakes in Your AdWords Campaigns

Google AdWords continues to be one of the best marketing channels to drive targeted traffic. With a pay per click campaign you bid on only those keywords that are relevant to the products or services your business offers. Prospective customers that search for those queries can then view your ads in the search results and […]