How to Make the Google Display Network Work For Your Business

Getting started on a digital marketing campaign? AdWords is one of the best places to start. Google processes billions of search queries every single day across all devices. Advertisers can create targeted ads to display in the search results and easily segment their audience accordingly. Ads aren’t just limited to the Search Network though. Business […]

How to Conduct a Complete AdWords Audit

Audits are absolutely essential for AdWords accounts. Performing a comprehensive audit provides invaluable insight that can uncover hidden opportunities and boost the performance of your campaigns. Your campaigns could already be generating sales. But it is still strongly recommended to conduct audits every six months at the minimum. Here we look at how to conduct […]

Best Practices For Expanded Text Ads in AdWords

AdWords is an incredibly effective advertising platform. Chances are that your target audience is searching for keywords that are relevant to your products or services. A campaign on AdWords can drive a considerable amount of traffic to your landing pages. The only downside is working with the character limitations when creating new ads. This means […]

AdWords Guide For B2B Advertising Campaigns

AdWords is an effective platform for reaching consumers. But what about for B2B companies? Sales figures tend to be much higher for B2B transactions (e.g. manufacturing equipment, custom software installations, etc.). Professionals responsible for these decisions are tasked with conducting as much research as possible. Most will end on Google to evaluate their options and […]

Advanced Automated Features in Google AdWords

AdWords is a highly effective platform to reach target audiences around the world. Unlike other channels that take time to implement (e.g SEO, social media, etc.), PPC lets you start driving immediate traffic to your landing pages. And you can even segment your audience to make your ads more targeted. Google continues to make its […]

3 Steps to Building an Effective AdWords Account Structure

Google AdWords is a highly profitable marketing channel. Business owners can create their own PPC campaigns and drive highly targeted traffic to their landing pages in a short period of time. But as with any marketing campaign, your success largely depends on how you structure your account. Starting an AdWords campaign without any thought on […]

Setting Up Ad Scheduling in AdWords

AdWords is one of the most highly targeted marketing channels. Billions of people around the world use Google to search for just every topic imaginable. Many of these search queries have purchasing intent behind them. Reaching even a fraction of these users can drive considerable traffic to your landing pages and increase sales to your […]