How to create successful PPC campaigns for niche markets

In the world of digital marketing, the term niche has come to encompass many different meanings. Niche is often used to denote a specialist in a particular industry, for example,

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YouTube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the United States. This makes video vital for reaching customers in these demographics for both established brands

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As marketers, we sometimes pay attention to the wrong stuff. We look at all the tools available to use in our different platforms and miss the basics of how the

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Although the exact numbers vary based on the source of data, many people check their phones 150 times a day for a minute at a time, so these users will

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Email lists are highly coveted by businesses because once you have an email you have a potential lead. The ability to communicate directly with your audience from their inbox can

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High conversion rates are the heart of most PPC advertising campaigns. While some campaigns focus on clicks or impressions, making a profit is always the end goal for businesses undertaking

AdWords IF functions and ad customizers

Large AdWords accounts with hundreds of products, prices, and special offers are extremely time-consuming to manage manually. Constant changes take away from time to truly strategize on an account, requiring

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If you are embarking on your first AdWords campaign, choosing a starter budget can be daunting. If you outsource yoaur pay per click advertising, your initial budget will be among

Tutorial: Using Google’s Data Studio

Analytics 360 Suite is a Google product that “data from across the many touchpoints of today’s complex customer journey. It then uses deep insights to help your enterprise measure and

5 Basic Adwords Auction Insights To Analyze Competitors

Google needs to appeal to advertisers and searchers and therefore operates differently from a traditional auction which is based entirely on bids. Google uses a second price auction which means