Google AdWords Keywords

There is a lot of confusion out there about the use of keywords for pay-per-click marketing. Many people struggle to understand how to identify the correct phrases they need to target. That often means they waste a lot of money through a process of trial and error that doesn’t produce good results. Considering that, the […]

Cost Per Action Advertising (CPA)

All business owners should aim to pay as little as possible for each advertising conversion. That is the rate at which people who click your ads perform the desired action. In most instances, it means how much you pay for each purchase compared to your total ad spend. There are many ways in which it […]


Everyone wants to get the best outcomes possible from their Google Adwords PPC campaigns. Many different factors come into play, but keyword research is one of the most important. If you get that process wrong, your ads will never reach the right people. Getting it right can mean you achieve a low cost per click […]


All advertisers want to achieve the highest click-through rate possible from their Adwords campaigns. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to get the best results, but there are many tips we can give for improving the situation. When you have a low click-through rate, you always end up spending more cash for […]


Anyone can run Google Adwords text adverts to promote their website and reach a new audience. However, the process of optimizing those ads isn’t as simple as people think. Indeed, it often takes years of experience to know how to get the best results from a campaign. That said, understanding the strategies you need to […]

How to Use Long Tail Keywords in AdWords Correctly

It is a commonly held belief that using long tail keyword phrases in your AdWords campaigns is a good strategy for gaining a positive ROI. Long tail search terms tend to contain more detail and are more specific. This means they can potentially be more relevant to the product, service or information your company provides. […]

Attribution: Where Do Your Conversions REALLY Come From?

The consumer journey is not clear cut. Changes in how consumers search presents several challenges in understanding attribution. Not only are people using multiple devices (mobile, desktop, and tablet) devices to search for something, they spend more time online before decision time which includes multiple visits to the same website. People rarely see an ad […]

11 Actionable Neuromarketing Hacks To Improve Your PPC Results

Although we all like to believe that we make purchasing decisions based on logic and rational thought, the truth is we are often swayed to a decision based on our emotions. This concept, known as neuromarketing, applies the principles of neuroscience to marketing research, studying consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. In […]

Getting to know AdWords Editor

Excellent organization and productivity are key skills when optimizing your PPC campaigns for best results. When it comes to managing large AdWords accounts, one of the biggest mistakes PPC marketers commit is failing to take advantage of the AdWords Editor tool. Every AdWords expert knows time is valuable and any tool that can speed up […]