4 Easy Ways To Set Up on Youtube Ads Using Adwords

Leveraging the power of YouTube can be a highly effective force in your digital marketing campaigns. By creating AdWords YouTube ads, you can communicate with your target audience in a highly interactive and entertaining format. According to Statisticbrain’s research into YouTube, the number of videos viewed on the channel every day is 4950,000,000 and people […]

How to Increase Your Keyword Quality Score

Quality Score and CTR (Click-through-rate) are part of what determines your ad rank, or how your ad performs on AdWords. If you improve one of these factors, you will improve the others since they all work together. As campaigns perform better, they bring the right customers to you as a business owner and reduce your […]

How To Combat Banner Blindness In Your Display Advertising

“The term banner blindness refers to people’s ability to consciously or unconsciously ignore banner adverts on the web.” Banner blindness is one of the biggest challenges facing display advertising, including AdWords’ GDN (Google Display Network). Statistics show that web users are increasingly banner blind, with display advertising producing the lowest click-through rates and conversion rates compared […]

Stop Confusing Google Display Network and Programmatic Display

Businesses have numerous options available when it comes to reaching their audience online via paid advertising. With Google AdWords, Bing, display advertising, remarketing, sponsored content and paid social, there have never been more ways to reach your target audience. In recent years, programmatic advertising has arisen to meet the ever-increasing needs of advertisers who want […]