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Perth Web Design (PWD) was started in Autumn 2007, with the sole aim of providing high quality website design and internet marketing solutions to all sectors of the market and be affordable to everyone. Since then PWD has grown to 48 full time employees with offices in Perth and a support office in Bangkok.

From our humble beginnings of a home based business, PWD has acquired two other companies, Creative Nature and Nutwork Pty Ltd, both of which were struggling to compete within the sector. These acquisitions have added to PWD’s client portfolio and opened new services that PWD now offers, such a iPhone App development.

The SEO Company Australia was established in 2012 and since then has helped 300+ businesses around Australia and overseas with their digital marketing requirements.

If like most companies you have come to the conclusion that you do not have the time nor the inclination to perform Search Engine Optimisation, then The SEO Company Australia have a range of options to help with the improvement of your organic rankings. The SEO Company Australia can perform the following SEO Services for you:

  • Keyword research
  • Content Writing
  • Link Building
  • Onsite Optimisation
  • Reporting
  • Website health checks

The SEO Company Australia team is made up from search engine optimisation experts from Perth, Melbourne and the UK.

Creative Nature was established in 2001 and a leading branding and print design agency that catered for the mining and resources sector, the Director was suffering from long term illness and wished to move the brand onto a agency who could accommodate their premium client base. We acquired the brand in 2011 and took approximately 45 clients under the Digital Monopoly brand.

Nutwork's team of energetic and talented web designers are not limited to what other web design companies in Perth are doing. Nutwork will endlessly work to set themselves apart from other existing companies. These professionals believe in the value of client satisfaction and would always find different solutions that are not common and worn out.

While other web designers are constrained to what are the traditional ways of creating and developing a site, Nutwork's web designers listen to what the clients want and need and make it into a reality. There is always a way to make things happen for the clients and Nutwork will provide a supreme platform to achieve those initiatives. These are some of the things that set Nutwork apart from the rest. This is what clients get from them.

In 2012, Nutwork was acquired by Digital Monopoly and became part of our web development team.

Established in 2005, Interweb is the most recent addition to the web development team of Digital Monopoly. Interweb was the professional design arm of Crazy Domains, one of Australia's largest domain name registrars.

The company had a massive portfolio of clients across all sectors. Digital Monopoly finished some of the projects that were outstanding and offers support and hosting to the newly acquired clients. As a Pty Ltd, Interweb no longer trades as a separate company, however the Interweb brand lives on and remains a respected name within the marketplace.

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