Are Press Releases Still Beneficial From an SEO Standpoint?

It depends.

As with any marketing channel, how you utilise it matters a great deal. Simply spamming your press releases to as many sites as possible may have worked before in terms of building links back to your pages. But such practices are now no longer effective and could actually get your site penalised due to spamming.

On other hand, submitting quality press releases to reveal major announcement can help your business get noticed in the press and attention from your target market.

This is the right approach to take.

Too often we see business owners pay for expensive press release distribution packages and expect immediate rankings the following week. But they end up being disappointed that their “investment” barely generated any traffic or sales. This is not to say that press releases should be completely ignored. They can still be beneficial for your business if done right.

Here we look at how to increase the effectiveness of your press releases and benefit your site in terms of SEO.

1. Use Reputable Distribution Sites

There are hundreds, probably thousands and thousands of press distribution sites.

All promise to increase your reach and drive targeted traffic to your pages.

But only a few are actually worth submitting to.

When the Panda update was rolled out, many press release sites took a huge hit. This is not surprising as the update targeted sites that were “thin” or had low quality content. A majority of these sites likely had content that was duplicated and scraped across the web.

Here are a handful of reputable sites to consider distributing your press releases to:

2. Build an Industry Contacts List

Want to know the absolute best way to get the word out about a major announcement?

Start by building a contacts list of industry influencers. Most likely have their own blogs or work with publications that can write a short article regarding your announcement, thus helping to spread the word even further. This kind of outreach is infinitely more beneficial than simply submitting a press release to a random distribution site.

It certainly requires more effort. But building professional relationships with industry contacts can really go a long way in terms of pushing your business goals forward. Use resources such as social media and search engines to find industry influencers. And reach out with a simple email. Stay in regular contact and be sure to give them a heads up when you have major news to announce.

3. Be Newsworthy

Do you actually have something to share or are you submitting a press release just for the sake of doing so?

Often press releases are self-promotional and are rarely newsworthy. If what you are posting provides little value, chances are that it will get lost in a sea of content and your target market will never get a chance to see it. Posting too many times may also cause a journalist to ignore any future pieces from you.

Here are some good reasons to publish a press release:

  • New product launches
  • Updates to existing products or services
  • Receiving of a special award
  • New partnership
  • Rebranding

So before you click the publish button, do a quick review of your press release. Is it a newsworthy announcement that your audience would likely want to know? If you are unable to honestly answer that question, then hold off on the press release and rework it until it is.


Press releases can still be beneficial in terms of SEO but only if they are done right. To get the most out of them, submit to reputable distribution sites, reach out to industry contact, and make sure that they are newsworthy.