Today’s consumers turn to search for product research. Your customers are searching online right now for products or services your business offers. The fastest and most efficient way to reach your market is through PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

Although Google dominates the search landscape, putting all your resources into AdWords limits your reach online. As a business owner your goal is to reach as many people in your target market as possible. That means exploring other marketing channels like Bing Ads—A PPC platform that lets advertisers bid on keywords and create ads to appear in the Bing search results.

Paid Traffic offers a Bing Ads management service that gets your business started with a highly targeted campaign. We can also overhaul an existing campaign and maximize your ad spend.


Google AdWords and Bing Ads follow a similar auction format.

The way it works is straightforward: You bid on relevant keywords. Ads that you create are eligible to appear in the search results for target keywords when a user searches for them. These networks are based on a PPC model meaning you only pay each time a visitor clicks on your ads. Both are effective ways to increase your reach online but there are also several key differences.

The first is cost. The more advertisers there are bidding for the same keywords, the higher the average cost per click. Because there are fewer companies that advertise on Bing, running ads on this network means better ad positions at a lower cost per click. A campaign on Bing Ads drives more targeted traffic at a fraction of the cost of AdWords.

Even with significantly less search engine market share, Bing Ads offers an impressive suite of targeting features that are on par with AdWords. One example is being able to easily adjust bids for mobile ads on the campaign and ad group level, a useful feature to maximise your ad’s exposure.

Google may have more search traffic but these factors combined with lower advertising costs make Bing Ads an attractive platform.


Google is the preferred search engine for a majority of Australians but there is still a small percentage who use Bing search. While many businesses spend their marketing budgets on AdWords, there is plenty of untapped potential with Bing Ads. Savvy businesses can capture new leads and drive more conversions while others overlook this platform.

Bing currently takes about 7% of the global search market and continues to steadily grow. A large part of this growth can be attributed to the launch of Windows 10—Microsoft’s newest operating system—where Bing search is baked into the desktop experience along with Cortana.

Advertising on Bing increases your reach to customers you may have otherwise overlooked.


Bing Ads instantly connects your brand to your target audience through paid ads. But simply starting a campaign without proper planning will lead to poor results. Even with a lower average cost per click, it’s possible to burn through a marketing budget with little to show for. If you’re just getting started with Bing Ads or looking to get even better results with your campaign, our team is here to help.

Paid Traffic manages every aspect of your Bing Ads campaign from the initial setup to researching keywords with the best potential. We also offer ongoing optimisation to drive even more clicks and sales with your ad spend. If you already advertise on AdWords, we can import and manage your existing campaigns in Bing.

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