Redink Homes

RedInk Homes, accredited Home Builders in Perth, have been operating for 10 years with numerous design and customer service awards to their name. They provide an exceptional, all-round service, to cater every need from finding a block, designing a home to suit and offering finance options.

Problem: The old Redink Homes’ website was outdated, hard to update and they were paying high maintenance & licensing fees with their previous agency. It was also very confusing for users viewing from the different locations around Perth.
Solution: We made 3 concepts for them, and had a lot of face to face meetings. A multi-site idea was put forward which prompts the user to select their location and customises the search experience to show only the relevant information. The modern, full-width design highlights the homes and locations with a cleverly designed user interface and brings their online presence in line with the level and quality of their business and brand.