The Definitive Guide To Uncovering Lucrative Keywords

The Definitive Guide To Uncovering Lucrative Keywords Consumers are increasingly turning to search engines like Google for everything from product research to the latest updates and more. That means that

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 5th Feb

Weekly Website Take-Offs - 5th Feb   PaperTanks Website: Imagine a library that’s not filled with boring books and books missing a bunch of pages. Well, PaperTanks is the complete

Unlock LinkedIn advertising for your PPC strategy

PPC is not just for search engines and independent publishers anymore. In the modern digital world, online advertising is also dominated by social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even

Can you get more conversions by offering less?

Less is more - How to get more conversions by offering less Marketers and business owners have long believed that the more choice you offer customers, the more likely it

Should you use Dynamic Search ads?

Google advertising has a wide array of solutions for different business sizes, different industries and all the audiences you could ever want to reach. Unfortunately for larger businesses, particularly big

How to choose the right AdWords bidding strategy

When it comes to a successful PPC advertising strategy there are many different components to envisage. Your targeting strategy, your quality score, your landing pages and ad copy are all

AMP for ads from Google I/O

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) were launched in 2016 and Google I/O in 2017 included sessions about what is working with AMP, where improvement is needed, and applications for publishers, merchants,

How to Scale High Converting GDN Campaigns

The Google Display Network (GDN) offers numerous options for targeting.  PPC experts can reach people at different stages in the buying funnel with keyword targeting, Gmail sponsored promotions, remarketing, in-market,

Combat the disease of click fraud in PPC advertising

With the right knowledge and techniques, PPC marketing can bring you great success. It can create more awareness around your brand, send traffic to your website and even increase conversions

Turning Data into Insights : Google Planning Tools

Google Trends and the Consumer Barometer Think with Google offers a free suite of tools for advertisers to learn about consumer behavior and how that translates to marketing messages and