Weekly Website Take-Offs – 14th May

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 6th April 2018 Aim Dental Website: www.aimdental.com.au Problem:  A good dentist is a little picky, but a GREAT dentist never gets on your nerves. Aim Dental is a perfect example, they were a pleasure to deal with and we highly recommend you go get a checkup from them ASAP! They previously […]

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 9th April

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 6th April 2018 Focus Consulting Website: https://focuswa.com.au/ Problem: Focus Consulting were great clients to work with! Paul came to Digital Monopoly looking for a fresh website which oozed professionalism and one which allowed them to highlight their high profile projects in a classy and minimalistic way. Solution: The website we built speaks for […]

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 9th March

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 9th March 2018   Fuller Fitness  Website: www.fullerfitness.com.au Problem: Matt Fuller from Fuller Fitness came to Digital Monopoly wanting a whole new site rebuild. Their old website was outdated and needed a modern and branded kick! Solution: We created a standard website which was heavily branded with Fuller Fitness’s colours. It […]

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 16th Feb

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 16th Feb My Coffee Cat Website: https://www.mycoffeecat.com.au/ My Coffee Cat are mobile local legends serving locally roasted coffee out of there professionally fitted out ute. They only run on top quality equipment and guarantee the exact tamp in pressure and dosage, which all contributes to that perfect cup of coffee. If you aren’t a […]

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 5th Feb

Weekly Website Take-Offs – 5th Feb   PaperTanks Website: https://papertanks.com.au Imagine a library that’s not filled with boring books and books missing a bunch of pages. Well, PaperTanks is the complete opposite. They’re a full online resource where students can upload their papers and academic material and PaperTanks makes it immediately available to other students. The […]