Why Some Clients Leave Their SEO Agencies

As an SEO agency with years of industry experience, we have implemented successful marketing campaigns for hundreds of clients across different industries. Most of our clients have only worked with our professional team but some came from other agencies.

Perhaps the most common reason many decided to leave the agency they were with was failure to produce measurable results. In an effort to appeal to potential clients, many cheap SEO companies will make extravagant claims of top rankings for competitive keywords. But then fail to deliver on those promises after months and months of work on a campaign.

We have heard many other reasons of why some clients leave their SEO agencies including lack of communication. Here we look at these in more detail and the approach that we take with our own clients.

Broken Promises

“Your site will rank on the first page of Google, guaranteed.”

Many of our clients who were previously with other agencies fell to such claims. So they ended up signing long term contracts for services that would “guarantee” them top rankings. But what many got in return was much less than what they were promised.

With barely anything to show for except a few optimised pages and some links, many decided to leave their SEO agency and ended up contacting us to pick up the pieces. Google has even made it clear to stay away from companies that say they can secure number one rankings. Oftentimes these companies rely on questionable tactics to achieve rankings but eventually they will result in a penalty.

Our approach: We don’t make promises. We understand that different factors determine rankings from the keywords you target to how competitive your industry is. For this reason we never make guarantees as we can only provide estimates based on these factors. In the initial consultation we conduct a detailed audit of your site and work closely with you to better understand your objectives.

Lack of Communication

Communication is one of the key components of a strong business relationship.

Infrequent contact or no communication at all leads to confusion which then leads to unfinished or subpar work. Many clients who came to us from another agency cited poor communication as a reason for leaving. The previous agency simply wasn’t communicating enough or not at all. They had no idea what kind of work was being done or whether anything was being done at all.

As a result of poor communication, many ended up leaving their previous SEO agencies and working with us instead.

Our approach: We understand that one of the key aspects of a strong relationship is communication. In addition to providing regular reports, we check in with you to notify you of any changes that are being done on your site and are always available should you need to get in touch.


Is your current SEO agency failing to meet their end of the bargain?

Do they fail to keep you up to date on your campaign?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to reconsider your relationship with your SEO company. Broken promises and poor communication are among the many reasons that many clients leave their SEO agencies and decide to take matters into their own hands.

Any agency that makes empty promises or fails to communicate should generally be avoided. A good agency will never make guarantees of overnight rankings or resort to questionable tactics to rank your pages. Reputable companies will also ensure that you are always kept up to date throughout your campaign.