Effective Local SEO Link Building Tactics That Work

If you primarily target customers in your area, then local SEO cannot be ignored.

The fact is that more consumers are relying on search engines to find local businesses. But users simply do not have the time to browse through pages and pages of search results. So the top results end up attracting a large majority of all clicks.


If your site isn’t ranking, your audience will click through to competing sites without hesitation. So how can you boost rankings for your target keywords?

By building more quality links.

Links are easily one of the most important ranking factors. The more you have the better as Google sees each as a vote of confidence for your site. But you cannot simply build thousands of links to your pages as doing so will only lead to a ranking penalty.

Here we look at some of the most effective local SEO link building strategies that continue to work today.

1. Spy on Your Competitors

No need to reinvent the wheel.

Tools such as ahrefs are incredibly beneficial as they provide in-depth link information for your site. But you can just as easily use it to see the links that are pointing to your competitors. Do a search for your main keywords and look through the link profiles of those that are ranking on the first page.

Then take note of any link that you repeatedly see. Chances are you can be able to acquire the same link by reaching out to the webmaster of the site. Remember, always aim to get links from sites that are related to your industry as they will carry far more weight in terms of search engine rankings.

2. Build Local Citations

Citations refer to any mention of your business name, address, and phone number on other pages. One example is an online Yellow Pages directory where your page business is listed. Citations from other sources are a key component of the algorithm especially for local searches.

The first one to get started with is Google My Business. Be sure to fill out everything about your profile including your name, phone number, operating hours, and a brief description. This will increase visibility for your site on Search, Maps, and Google Plus. Also, if you are part of your local Chamber of Commerce or other association, be sure to get your site listed.

Remember to keep all business information consistent across all profiles.

3. Guest Post on Industry Related Sites

One link building strategy that remains incredibly effective today in terms of local SEO is guest posting on other sites. This involves finding sites that are related to your industry, contacting the webmaster, and submitting relevant post with a link back to your site. You get a strong link in exchange and even the potential to drive referral traffic to your pages.

To find industry sites that are related to yours, simply search for your target keywords and make note of any sites that accept guest posts. Then it is simply a matter of reaching out to them and submitting your content. Be sure to follow all submission guidelines before sending your email.


Local search is one of the best ways to drive more targeted traffic to your pages.

But ranking in the search results is not as simple as putting up a site and building a few link. For more competitive keywords, you need strong links from relevant sources. Use the strategies as detailed above to rank your site higher for your keywords.