How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in SEO Services

Get Your Boss to Say “Yes” to Marketing Services

SEO involves optimising different aspects of a website. The objective is the same for any campaign: Attract targeted traffic and increase sales. As the digital landscape continues to grow more competitive, businesses need to have an online marketing strategy that incorporates SEO.

But there is just one obstacle.

Your boss.

“Sales are already growing, why should I spend money on SEO?”

It’s a fairly reasonable question.

After all, SEO requires a long term investment so it can easily take months for results to materialise. Even then there is no guarantee that your site will rank on the first page depending on the keywords you target. But the fact is that people looking for your products or services need to be able to find your business online. A fancy website is simply not enough to rank, especially in a competitive industry.

So how can you convince your boss to invest in SEO services?

Here we look at how to do exactly that.

1. Paint a Picture With Numbers and Other Visuals

Your boss may be skeptical about SEO.

So one way to convince him to make an investment is to show him real numbers. Here are some relevant statistics:

Consumers are increasingly turning to search. If your products or services are not visible online, your target market will simply order from a competitor. These statistics show that a majority of search engine users click on the top results and rarely go past the second page.

Show these statistics and other visuals to your boss to demonstrate the need for SEO.

2. Show That Competitors Are Already Using SEO

Search for your primary keywords.

Are your competitors outranking your site?

If so, they are more than likely investing in SEO services. Not pushing forward and improving your rankings means that you are losing ground to competitors who are. Any boss can certainly relate to losing business to competitors as most loathe the idea. And the longer you put off SEO the longer it will take to catch up in the search results.

So point out to your boss that competitors are outranking the business. That will likely convince him to seriously consider investing in SEO services.

3. Demonstrate That SEO is Worth the Investment

Every business makes investments from hiring employees to buying inventory in bulk. But it can be rather despairing (and expensive) when an investment doesn’t pay off which is why businesses tend to be more cautious with how their budgets are spent. So with any type of investment your boss needs to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

The same is true with SEO.

SEO can be a very profitable channel for your business. One study shows that SEO leads have a 14.6% conversion rate while outbound leads (e.g. direct mail, print advertising, etc.) only have a 1.7% close rate. The higher conversion rate is not all that surprising. A search for “budget digital cameras for beginners” is far more likely to convert than a search for “digital cameras” simply because it is far more specific.

But as with any type of marketing, SEO requires a long term investment to see any measurable results. The amount you can expect to pay depends on a number of factors from the keywords you target to your domain authority.

4. Point Out That Ranking Algorithms Are Constantly Changing

Google is already the best search engine but it has to constantly innovate. One way to do that is by updating its ranking algorithm to account for emerging technologies. For example, mobile usage continues to see explosive growth so Google updated its algorithm to include mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.

And you can definitely expect Google to release more major updates in the future.

Even if your site is already ranking on the first page, there is no guarantee that it will stay there as an update could bring traffic to a halt. Working with an SEO agency helps you better understand and navigate through the latest changes. Make it clear to your boss that SEO is particularly beneficial to prepare for future updates when they roll out.

5. Show Data From Current Analytics

Information is incredibly powerful.

Google Analytics is one of the more popular options. It provides in-depth information from where your visitors are coming from to how long they stay before bouncing out. If you have access to these reports, you can show your boss which pages have low engagement and traffic levels for each.

SEO is much more than simply increasing rankings in the search results. It’s also about converting more visitors into customers by revising the design and rewriting the copy to be more enticing. Once your boss realises that visitors are leaving without taking any action, he will likely be much more willing to invest in SEO services.


Visibility in the search results is key to attracting targeted traffic and converting visitors into customers. But your boss may need some convincing before investing in SEO. To do that you will need to be prepared to answer any of his questions. Show some of the statistics we have provided here, prove that your competitors are already using SEO, and demonstrate how SEO can generate a positive return.