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Any SEO agency can tell you “what you want to hear” but not all of them will able to give you what you want. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing are designed to help individuals look up basically whatever they want or need to know. Times have changed, when previously your source of information whether it be for just general or educational knowledge or for products or services you were looking for, would have been heavily relied on Yellow Page directories, magazines and books, newspapers, televisions and word of mouth and so on, but now, when someone is stuck and is looking for information or for products and services he/she is interested in, the first thing they will think of is to “Google” it or search it through other search engines that are available. Not only that, search engines are also a popular choice to verify information for websites legitimacy, reviews of products/services, or even verifying through checking reviews of products and services the websites promises to offer, basically anything the individual wants to search, he or she can search it through the search engines.

So businesses and companies nowadays heavily rely on sales through their website. Now having a website is considered a norm and a very basic thing even for small organisations and vendors. But the competition is really fierce now; it is very difficult for your “organisation” to stand out. For example, you are a new company that has created a “unique headphone”, with exceptional sound quality that even if you listen for hours does not cause harm to your ear or health even with high volume. An individual types in the keywords “unique headphones” in Google which is very relevant to what your business offer; there are almost 44 million hits just for searching the keyword “unique headphones”. Your website being one of them in those 44 million results, just think of the possibility of that individual actually clicking your website, even though what you offer is relevant to what the individual is looking for. Most people they just look at the first page of Google or other search engines and proceed from there. If something they were looking for is not found in the first page of those results, they will likely change the keywords of what they were just searching for, rather than browse a few more pages. In this case, the individual is looking for some unique headphones and purchasing them depending on the “uniqueness” it offers. So he looks at the first of Google, and sees the website listed are not “shopping sites” but only “showcase” sites,  and as he is also looking to purchase some unique headphones, he types in the keywords “unique headphones for sale”. This time there are more than 10 million hits, and he finds 1 website or so in the first page of result that is a little bit relevant of what he was looking for: the headphones are unique but they are unique in style and not technology. Was that website yours? Nope, because even though you offer products/services that are related to what the individual has been looking for, to come in the first page of result is not easy, but it is possible.

Our aim through the process of SEO through our SEO agency is to make your webpage be displayed possibly in the first page of Google and other search engines, and even in the first few results of the first page of search engines “free” results. For example, in the above case given, when the individual typed in the keyword “unique headphones for sale”, he/she should be able to see your website at least in the first page of natural search results after successful SEO, possibly turning him to a potential buyer and customer.

Through successful Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, your website will be more easily found in search engines. The process involves using strategy and relevant keywords that people are looking for and by building high quality and reputable links to your site from other sites. Google and other search engines look at those links and compare to see the number of links and whether they are high quality ones which are trusted by them. The more the number of high quality links to your sites, the more visible your site will be to your customer. But that is not it; a lot also depends on the structure of your website and its content and so on. Through our SEO agency, we will develop a strong strategy that will not only help bring traffic to your site, potentially turn them in to customers, but will also make your website rank higher.

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