SEO Basics For Small Businesses in Perth

Search engine optimisation is fundamental.

Regardless of your industry, your target audience is likely typing in search queries right now that are related to the products or services your business offers. But simply having a website is not enough to rank in the search results. This is where SEO comes in as it encompasses a range of tactics and strategies to position your site higher for your keywords.

So why should you care?

Because higher rankings ultimately translate to more traffic.

And more traffic means more sales to your business.

However, SEO can seem like a rather complicated field especially since Google is constantly updating its ranking algorithm. The good news is that the basics are rather simple to understand and following them can give your site a major competitive advantage online.

Here we look at some SEO basics for small businesses in Perth and throughout Australia.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO.

You need to be targeting the right keywords otherwise your campaign will fail to gain traction from the start. To begin the keyword research process, Google has an excellent tool called Keyword Planner that provides additional ideas and traffic estimates for those phrases.

Ideally you want to target keywords that have a decent amount of traffic with low to medium competition. Perhaps the best approach is to target long tail keywords. These tend to be much easier to rank for and they convert much better than broad keywords.

On-Page Optimisation

Now you should have a list of keywords that are relevant to your business.

The next step is to optimise your site. Remember, Google strives to deliver the most relevant results so it looks at your pages carefully to determine whether it should rank or not. Be sure to include keywords that you want to rank for in the following areas:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Headers
  • Image ALT text
  • Body

Each page of your site should be properly optimised. If you have any pages with duplicate or low quality content, either remove or rewrite them completely.

Algorithm Updates

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to deliver even better results. It used to be that you could rank a site by simply writing optimised content and building hundreds of links. But these strategies are no longer effective and are more likely to result in a ranking penalty.

Here is an overview of some of the most common algorithm updates:

  • Panda: The Panda update primarily targets sites that are low quality in value. If your pages are “thin” or contain scraped content, your rankings will likely suffer as a result. This is why it is so important to focus on writing quality content as this is exactly what Google rewards in the search results.
  • Penguin: The Penguin update penalises sites that rely on questionable tactics to increase their rankings such as using automated tools to build links or buying them from spammy networks. Links are still important but the quality and relevance matter.

With these SEO basics, you will know far more than most business owners in Perth.