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We will help your business show up prominently online and get discovered by more potential customers using advanced local SEO tactics that your competition hasn’t thought of yet.

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If you own a local business, you have more opportunities than ever to attract customers and compete with larger companies. Getting found by your ideal customer no longer requires full-page Yellow Page adverts, radio spots, television commercials or large-scale direct mail pieces. In fact, those strategies are becoming a thing of the past. They’re expensive, difficult to track, and they’re growing less effective by the day.

Today, local search optimisation is one of the most successful methods that smart business owners use to make sure that they’re top-of-mind when prospects are searching for their product or service.

Local SEO Services

What is local SEO?

You’ve probably heard a lot about SEO (search engine optimisation) during that past few years. And you already know that being found online by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is essential.

What you may not know is that local search engine optimisation is a lot different than traditional SEO. Both are important, but businesses with locations in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney need to take an alternative approach.

Instead of casting a global net and hoping that people from all over the world can find you, the most successful local business owners understand that they need a way to focus their efforts on customers that are in their area.

You can think of Google local SEO like a modern phone book. But instead of simply buying space to appear on a page in the book, Digital Monopoly provides businesses with comprehensive local SEO packages that help increase your visibility everywhere online.

You have the potential to show up in top spots on:

• Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing
• Google maps
• Directory listings related to your industry

And, if you work with Digital Monopoly, we’ll make sure your company always puts its best foot forward online. When a potential customer sees your online presence, they’ll be eager to do business with you.
What is local SEO?

Importance of Local SEO

When done right, local SEO results in your business dominating the search engines and Google Maps. If anyone is searching for a company in your field, they won’t be able to help but notice yours and want to inquire about your product or service.

Importance of SEO

Now, more than ever, your business needs to appear on the front page of the search engines. Given how much competition there is for top rankings, this feat might sound impossible.

But, here’s the good news: less than 50% of businesses use local SEO services.

This means you have an opportunity to stand out; and if you start now, you’ll be well ahead of your completion when they finally catch on to this strategy.

Do you really need a local SEO company?

At this point, you might be weighing the pros and cons of doing all of this yourself versus hiring a local SEO company. After all, there’s a lot of content online about how to earn top rankings.

We applaud your hustle and commitment to success. So, we’ll tell you what we tell our other high-performing clients:

You’re good at what you do. Scratch that. You’re the best. You’ve spent months or years improving your business, and you provide the highest quality product or most comprehensive service around.

We think you should focus on that. We’re sure you’d rather spend your spare time with your family, not trying to figure out Google’s latest algorithm so that you rank above your top competitor.

And if you’re still working on improving your business, every minute you spend on keyword research or submitting to online directories is a minute that could be better utilised serving your customers or honing your craft.

Not only that, the digital landscape changes rapidly. What might have worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today. It’s our job to keep track of that so that we can help your business grow quickly. And it’s your job to serve your customers. Sound like a plan?

Top benefits of Local Seo

By this point, you know that local SEO helps you rank highly on the search engines and you’ll appear prominently on Google maps.

There’s a little more to it than that, though. Here are 6 key benefits of optimising for Google local:

1. Compete with large organisations.

Small to medium-sized business owners have always had to work harder to compete with national companies. Multi-national corporations and large chains tend to have bigger advertising budgets and even larger marketing teams to make sure they stay on top. With local search rankings, you can level the playing field. It doesn’t take a bottomless budget to dwarf the big guys. Our expertise gives you the chance to come up number one.

2. Increase rankings and visibility, so you’re always top of mind.

On average, a prospect needs 6 to 8 touchpoints or exposures to your business before they become a customer. Appearing prominently in the search engines, on maps, and in directories allows you to achieve these touch points faster, more efficiently, and with less expense than traditional advertising channels.

3. Earn higher click through and conversion rates than ad channels.

You might have heard of something called “banner blindness.” Now that people are accustomed to seeing ads on the Internet, they tend to skip over them without even seeing them. So, while the big, national chains might be spending 6 or 7 figures annually trying to reach your customers, you can get better results at a fraction of the price by using local search engine marketing tactics.

4. Capture a mobile audience.

People spend twice as much time browsing the Internet on their mobile devices than they do on their desktop computers. However, many businesses don’t consider the mobile experience. We’ll make sure that mobile users are able to access information about your business easily, and when they want to contact you, we also make it convenient for them.

5. Increase visibility on Google Maps (or Bing or Yahoo).

When you type in a query in a search engine, at the very top of the page, even before the search engine results appear, is a map with pinpoints for the top-ranked locations. You’d like to show up there, right? The higher your business shows up on a page, the better. And being on the map literally puts your business on the map.

6. Reach a hyper-targeted audience.

Here’s where things get ninja. Not only can we make sure locals see your business, but we can also put your name in front of a specific audience. If you’re trying to reach moms, tourists, new homeowners, or anyone with a specific interest or circumstance, we have ways to make that happen.

7. Increase your ROI.

When it comes right down to it, as business owners, we want the highest return on investment for our marketing dollars. That’s what makes local SEO so powerful. It provides one of the highest ROIs of any marketing tactic or ad channel. It drives quality leads to your business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll have a constant flow of new potential customers to your business.

Local search engine optimisation services

At Digital Monopoly, we believe that the best way to dominate search results is with a comprehensive approach. It’s not just about local SEO keywords or updating your directories. We have a detailed local SEO checklist that we expertly implement for our clients.

Website Audit
“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” – Maya Angelou

A website audit is a crucial first step that a lot of agencies skip. We have a systemised process that analyses any factors that could be negatively affecting your current rankings. We’ll make sure your site is structured so that it appears prominently online, and we’ll ensure that when it does appear, you’re putting your best foot forward. We’ll also take a look at your competitors, so we’ll know where their weak spots are and how you can capitalise on them.

Then we’ll come up with a plan of action to move forward toward your goals. Don’t have a website? Click here to learn more about our web design services.
Keyword Research
Keyword research is a critical component of any local search optimisation strategy. It requires having the words and phrases that your customers are searching for represented on your site. They need to be in the right places, in the right frequencies, and in the right context.

We don’t just sprinkle the keywords throughout your site and leave it at that. We analyse thousands of keywords and rank them based on competitiveness, volume, trends, and revenue potential.

As we continue to work together, this effort can be ongoing to maintain a strong competitive position and relevance to your target market.
Onsite Optimisation
Once we’ve determined the best keywords to rank for, we’ll tackle onsite optimisation. This involves the process of looking at the structure of your website to ensure that we employ every available tactic to appear at the top of the search engines.

We look at your page titles, meta descriptions, images, content and even the structure of the site. These pieces are often overlooked when the original site design is done, yet they can suppress your rankings.

When onsite optimisation is combined with a robust keyword strategy, then the sky’s the limit.
Link Building
When it comes to link building, most agencies stop at local directories. We think that’s like getting halfway through a marathon and then turning to go back. You won’t win a medal with that approach.

That’s why we engage in targeted outreach to secure reputable links to your website. When other websites like online newspapers, chambers of commerce, bloggers and more provide links to your website on their pages, it signals to Google and the rest of the search engines that your website is helpful and valuable to their audience. As a result, you’ll climb higher and higher in search results.
Reputation Management
Reviews are the lifeblood of a local business. All things being equal, if your business has a hundred five-star reviews, and your nearest competitor has only twenty, most people will be drawn to your business instead.

There are right and wrong ways to get more reviews. At Digital Monopoly we are experts at garnering positive reviews and displaying those reviews in plain sight for your prospects to see.

We also have systems in place to intercept negative reviews and work with those customers to resolve their issues before they attempt to destroy your reputation online.
Ongoing SEO
Once you get to the stop, you want to stay there, right? The hard work is over, but your competitors are hot on your heels. You’ll have to stay sharp to make sure they never catch you.

We provide ongoing SEO and maintenance services to ensure that you’re always on top. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a positive reputation for your brand, providing updates to keyword strategy, and doing periodic directory maintenance.

Is local SEO right for you?

Most businesses benefit tremendously by having a champion in their corner to help with Google local search optimisation. There are, however, rare occasions when a traditional SEO strategy is best.

  • Local SEO is for you if:

    You’re a local company
    You service specific areas
    You are a franchisee or franchise owner
    You’d like more leads and sales from a specific region or area
    You want to appear in prominent online directories
    You want to show up in a top position on Google maps

  • Local SEO is not for you if:

    You serve a nation-wide audience. It won’t be cost-effective or efficient to target every single market. Companies who serve all of Australia are better off with a national or global SEO strategy.

How Local SEO Contributes to Your Bottom Line

What do you charge for your local seo packages?

Every business and its needs are unique. Because of that, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing solution. We’d be happy to chat with you to figure out how we can help.

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