Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We’re pulling rank. Yours of course to page 1 search results.

Search engines and their algorithms are constantly evolving. It’s hard to keep up with much like The Kardashians. We understand the complex nature of SEO – in fact it’s what we do best.

It’s a cinch for us because our lab rats (sorry, SEO Specialists) dissect every aspect of your website to ensure you sit as high up (as possible) on search engines such as Google. We’ve kept them locked up for over 12 years providing SEO services in Perth, helping hundreds of businesses across a wide range of highly competitive industries and sectors achieve SEO success.

The organic way to improve your search engine relevance

If it’s organic it must be good right?

We like to think our SEO services are just that. So how can SEO drive more qualified traffic to your site and ultimately boost your conversion rates and sales?

We’re schemers

We won’t viciously scope out your competition, but we’ll be thorough in our approach to knock them off the top of the SERPs and put you in their place of search engine supremacy.

We’ll dedicate one of our SEO specialists in Perth to fine tune your website so there’s no broken bits or parts missing and capture more than any automated tool out there can.

It’s all captured in your SEO strategy – your game plan.

Review current landscape – we’ll analyse and scrutinise your website and your competitors and provide recommendations for both on-site and off-site tactics to boost your website’s visibility.

Keyword research – we’ll use our expertise to investigate and pull together the most relevant search terms that you should focus on for your site.

Implementation – we’ll start optimising and making changes to your site while yielding to Google’s best practice.

Reporting – we won’t BS you; you won’t see results straight away. This is a long term strategy but you’ll be kept updated regularly on the progress of your SEO campaign and provide recommendations.

Ongoing optimisation – as dynamic as SEO is, we’ll keep working at it so you don’t get knocked off the throne.

We won’t bog you down with the finer details of how we can get you more organic traffic, leads and conversions to your site. However, if you do want the 411 we’ll be more than happy to share it with you too.



Why should you use SEO?

Organic search can account for as much as 64% of all referral traffic to your site. That alone should answer the question, but why else is SEO your lucky charm?

Increased visibility – SEO will help people find your site. Your site doesn’t close for the day, so with a successful SEO strategy you could be receiving qualified traffic 24/7.

Long lasting results – if done properly, SEO can keep you on page 1 of search engines for years.

Cost effectiveness – SEO is one of the most affordable forms of online marketing. Think of it as an investment with a high return.

Rank locally and they’ll come knocking – according to Google, 50% of people who search locally for a product or service on a mobile device result in a store visit that same day.

Better user experience – Search engines favour websites that provide a great experience for their visitors, so by optimising your site you’ll in turn improve your brand loyalty.


Seek and you shall find

Get comfortable on page 1 because that’s where we’ll work hard to make sure you stay. We challenge you to find another SEO company in Perth who can match our drive.

Like a good wine SEO takes time to achieve top results. So while you may be in it for the long haul, when you finally do crack open that bottle you’ve been hanging onto, it’s ever so satisfying.

Want to see what it’s like being on top? Then it’s a date! Call Digital Monopoly – Perth’s SEO experts on 1300 224 806 – we won’t stand you up.

Ready to get started?

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