About AdWords

What you need to know!

Search Marketing

When you advertise on Google’s Search Network, your Text Ads appear above the organic search results when someone searches a term relevant to one of your keywords. These ads can be enhanced with Ad Extensions such as your business location and phone number, as well as reviews and links to shopping pages on your site.

Display Marketing

Google’s Display Network is a collection of over 2 million websites where customised image ads can appear, which reaches 90% of all internet users. Advertising on the Display Network allows you to take advantage of using rich media formats like .gif animation, video, and static imagery.

Text Ads

Using In-Marketing as part of your AdWords campaign allows you to target searchers who are actively interested in products you have to sell. Google take into account clicks on related ads, along with the content and sites of the pages that searchers visit to direct the right type of traffic to your ads.


When someone visits your site and leaves without buying something, Re-Marketing allows you to recapture potential lost opportunity by showing ads to the searcher across multiple devices. This ensures your ads are being targeted at users most likely to buy, and can be tailored to suit your advertising goals.

Display Ads
6 month Campaign

Redink Homes

Traffic  99,670
New Users  61,709
Phone Calls  555
Click To Chat  803
Form Submissions  197


6 month Campaign

RV Parts

Impressions 907,658
Clicks 35,325
Click Through Rate (CTR) 4.02%
Conversions 666
Conversion Revenue  $128,525


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