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As being an SEO agency, we also provide SEO consultancy and SEO services in Brisbane. If you had been looking for your website to gain maximum traffic or if you had been finding ways for your website to reach the first page of “Google” and other search engine provider or so when an individual types in a relevant keyword related to your website and business, but were not sure how to achieve that? Well that is about to change, as you have come to the right place for solution. Your website needs to go through the “Search Engine Optimisation” process to achieve that. Search Engine Optimisation is what is going to take your website to the “first page or so” or make your website rank higher when an individual types in a relevant keyword. If your business located in Brisbane has a physical location that people come to or you rely on getting your customers locally, then your business needs to go through the “Local SEO” Brisbane process. Local SEO is what will give your business the extra edge from its competitors as it is going to make your website or listing visible when an individual makes a localised search for a relevant keyword. Any person through the usage of search engine can look-up for local business through various ways such as maps results or searching for business on a particular location which could be nearby where he or she lives or works or through local business listings or even through when an individual is looking up for local business through his mobile phone. 

Some people get confused between Local SEO and SEO itself. Local SEO is a part of SEO, we still have to use same strategies and techniques, which we use for SEO services, but in “Local” SEO, we “add” to it. For example, say you have a restaurant business in Brisbane, and you also have a website where can view your food menu, history and background of your business, location of the business, and even order online for delivery to your place and say your restaurant sells Pizzas. In your website, you have only general keywords such as “best pizzas available here” or “quality pizzas” or “customer favourite pizza” and so on. Now the difference here from “Local” SEO to SEO or “Global” SEO, is that first just looking at your website, your website needs to use keywords that target local customers, such as “Best Pizza in Brisbane” which should be linked with your website, your headings, and so on. The location of your restaurant should be easily visible, and should target keywords that when an individual search for best pizzas in Brisbane, your restaurant should be visible in localised search, allowing the individual or customers to view your location, phone number, your opening and closing time, and so on. We will use different strategies and techniques to target keywords which will allow your restaurants to “stand out” from your competitors when an individual is searching for relevant keywords. Now “Global SEO” or just “SEO” would have targeted a wider audience but it may not have been relevant to your business or may not make have made a difference at all when an individual visits your site, but that doesn’t mean your website won’t rank higher. For example, an individual who is in USA is craving for some quality Pizzas, so he searches for “Best Pizzas” and your business being relevant to the persons query shows up in the first few results of first page of “natural search results”, now he clicks your website, and is very interested in the pizzas you offer, but unfortunately he can’t order or eat your pizzas, as your location is in Brisbane, Australia, so it wouldn’t have made any difference whether the individual clicked your website or not, but it is crucial for your business to show up in the first page or so of “organic” search results as if the individual we just mentioned was instead living in Brisbane and looking for some quality pizzas, then he would become a potential customers but it will only be possible if the results are displayed in the first page or so, and by using our Local SEO Brisbane process from our SEO company will make it possible for your website to be displayed on the first page of organic search results.

It is not necessary that we will only modify your “keywords” from what you have already used in the website. We will look at everything, from the particular keywords hits monthly to the competition the keyword brings. For example, if your restaurant also sells “flat pizzas”, and if that particular keyword brings in more traffic and less competition as compared to the word “best pizzas” then we will target the word flat pizzas, as in the end you want your restaurant to make more business or bring in more customers and you want to use all the opportunities you can to maximise that. Of course it also depends on your restaurant, say in this case if an individual likes the pizzas you sell, then there is a high chance that not only does he visits your restaurant again but recommends it to his friend and so on.
If your business is located in Gold Coast, check out the SEO services we offer for Gold Coast.


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