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Best Ranking Results for SEO Company in Sydney

People often get confused with the word SEO, but it basically means what it stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. The major search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo! Through the process of Search Engine Optimisation, you want your business to stand out from others. For example, I am looking to buy shoes online, or find some shops that only sell “shoes” so I can go and visit myself, but I first type in the keyword “shop shoes online”, I get more than 300 million hits. As a shopper, I ignore the number of search results, and just look at the first page of result. All the results I see are from around the world, but I am looking for something “local” where if I want I can just return or exchange the item, without too much hassle, or just visit the shop nearby me. This is where the Local SEO process comes.

For a local business, local SEO, or SEO means making your potential buyers or customers to find information about your firm easier, either when they search particularly for your business or whether they are looking for business offering relevant products or services that they can buy or later go visit if they want to.

You may think, why would an individual specifically search for your business, if they already know the name? Because he or she may not know your business and may have just heard or saw or remember the name for “somewhere”. For example, when an individual is on a taxi ride to his destination, he comes across a shop offering some items he is interested at. He marks down or remembers the name, and later when he has the time, looks up in the search engine, from just the business name he remembers or has written down, so that he look up for more information more about your business and products or services your business offer and so on. The individual may have come across your name various other ways such as through word of mouth, through friends’ suggestion, through commercial, magazine, etc…

Or in the above example given, when I was looking to find some local business that sells shoes that I can either shop online or visit myself if I want to. So I do a localised search for “shoe shops in Sydney”, even though they are still many hits, I get many relevant results showing many shoe shops in the location I am looking for- Sydney. Or what happens when an individual came across your shop she was interested in, when she was on her way to her destination but couldn’t stop as she was in a hurry? All she remembers is the location. Now when she does a map search for your business, she still can’t find you? Being the busy person she is, she probably forgets about it and moves on with her life.  Now our job through the process of Local SEO is to make your local business located in Sydney show up as high as possible in the search results when an individual search for a relevant result in local area or does a localised search in Sydney.

You may think, if your business based in Sydney just does SEO, it would be enough. But that is just not enough, if you want to maximise traffic and sale to your local business in Sydney, you have to use the process of Local SEO and after successful local search engine optimisation, your business will be displayed when an individual types in the relevant keyword with location based in Sydney. In this case, when I was searching for a shoe shop in Sydney I can either shop online for convenience or go visit myself to make sure that the shoe fits and is just what I want- if your business is not in the local “map” result even though you are selling a relevant product in a relevant area- Sydney, then you may lose many potential customers.

We use many different strategies for Local SEO, such as for map results, we make sure that when the results are displayed, there is a link to your site, your phone number is there, your operation time and reviews made by customers. You may not even have realised to leave an option in your website for customers to leave reviews. Reviews are very important, as they act as “recommendation” to Google and other search engines providers, which will make your website ranking go higher in localised search. The higher the number of positive reviews, the higher your website ranking will be, when someone is looking for relevant keywords with Sydney as location. You want your business to be displayed in the first few natural and map search results, as it creates more traffic and potentially turning them into customers. It also makes it easier for your business to gain positive exposure, making it easier for your prospective customers to find information about you, or visit you, call you or just browse through your website. Whatever the reason be, successful SEO in Sydney will help achieve that making not only your website successful but your company as a whole. If you are looking for SEO services in Perth, then have a look at our SEO services in Perth.


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