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How To Do Keyword Research The Right Way

As an SEO provider, we know how important keywords are to the high visibility of our company and most importantly, how those key words affect the ranking of our business against our competitors in the Google’s search results. Through the use of Google’s keyword research tool, the Google Keyword Tool, we are able to gain advantage of comparing our selected keywords and measure the competition of that same word with about millions of other internet users, be it a doctor, lecturer, pediatrician, etc, or for real estate, travel, loans, or law, or simply anyone who has more access to resources. This tool shows us a list of similar keywords of the ones we have typed with the number of searches each word is searched. It helps us place ourselves in our prospective customers’ shoes and figure out what words they type in the search query when they are looking for certain products or services. It draws us a little closer in achieving better rankings in our desired keywords. We are able to understand our clients a little better for this tool provides demographics of the searchers and also gives statistics about the searches per month. But it doesn’t stop there. We have to constantly adapt and use strong keywords that searchers will be able to associate with our company because we are aware that the stronger the keyword is, the more search power it will have.

Of course, when we have established the particular keyword to use in our website or title, we also want to attract the right kind of customers for which our business is running. For example, as the best SEO provider, we want to attract clients and businesses who want to optimize their search engine results, aid them in finding the perfect keywords for the search engine that will ultimately lead to more traffic and simply ranking higher in Google’s search results. In short, keyword research is simply a market research of our own company in our prospective clients’ minds. We, being the SEO provider, know that search engine optimization is typically one of the highest returns on marketing investments and is not a one-time deal since it involves constant experimenting, testing and of course, improvement. It is a chance for website owners to increase the appearance of their websites on search engine pages through the use of best keywords that describes their sites.

As with any businesses, we need to carry out a research for our selected niche market. Together with the various tools available, one of which we have already mentioned, Google AdWords is another great tool for a local SEO keyword research. This tool helps us view the search volumes for our keywords in certain geographic areas, preferably starting off locally. Since these local keywords tend to be more location specific, it places greater emphasis on demographic and geographic research for that particular region. It helps us focus on the city of the targeted area and also helps us in finding out the number of people who are searching for our specific keywords. Just like the Google Keyword Tool, we are able to gain access to other keywords that is relevant to our selected search term. We can also take advantage of other tools such as the Google Places and Analytics and Google Trends. As you decide to expand your business and enter new markets, it is crucial to build awareness in those markets when developing local or national keywords strategy. We have to stay constantly relevant with the competitive keywords in order to be more profitable and the keywords we are optimizing for is critical within the search battlefield. As with niche keywords, it is important to optimize the page per click campaigns and the site itself. Niche keywords help to narrow the industry our clients want to target. We are able to learn more about our competitors and the keywords they use that will appear in the search results along with our clients’ businesses. Hence, we take advantage of the tools to determine potential traffic and seizing the opportunity for new competitive keywords.  We need to have a firm understanding about the keyword tools in order to take full advantage of the niche keyword research tools. We are able to evaluate the different keyword niches through the Google Keyword Tool, but we have to constantly monitor the performance of those keywords on our customers’ sites and ensure that they are in accordance with their specific business goals.


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