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Link-Building as Core Of Google’s Algorhtyhm


There are 2 ways to ensure or help your site move on top of natural searches: On-site and Off-site. Off site is through link building and is more difficult for SEOs provider compared to On-site but ultimately will help your site more, to move higher up in the rank of organic search results; it is crucial for the success of your business.

So what is Link Building?

Link building is basically the technique you use to obtain links for your site from other sites. It is crucial as it acts as a recommendation for “Google” and other search engines. However, it should not only be about the amounts of links that you have from other sites which is also known as inbound links but it should also be about the quality of those inbound links. Previously, having numerous amount of back links would have been enough, not anymore. Google and other search engines now checks the reputation of those sites linking to your website and if they are reputable themselves, it build as a good reputation and helps higher up your websites rank. They also check how relevant those links are. If another website has a link to your website, but is no way relevant to what it has given link for or to the individual looking for that information, then it will rank badly in the search engine. It will definitely not help in building its rank.

So why Link Build?

As Google notes on its site: “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages”.  Not only Google, also other search engines considers it a very important factor in determining the web page rank. Competition has increased and it has increasingly become more difficult for search engines like Google to determine which pages should come up higher or rank higher in the search results. For example, say, we sell home furniture’s and we are competing with another local site that also sells home furniture’s. So how would Google or other search engine determine which website would rank higher in natural search results? One of the factors Google or others like Bing or Yahoo will use link building to determine which site is more relevant and should rank higher to what the individual is looking for. Search engines will also consider the “reputation factor” of those sites. You may have many link buildings to your site, but say if the inbound links to your site are very poor in reputation, popularity or are considered spamming sites, then Google and others may ignore and therefore it wouldn’t help much in the ranking of the web pages.

What are some Link Building Strategies?

  • Get customers to link to you- if your customers or buyers have a website, you can ask them to have a relevant link to your website on their website, in turn not only resulting in higher ranking, but the people who visits your customers website will potentially visit your site and potentially be another buyer.
  • Build great content that will attract others to link to you- if you create content that is not only unique but is also compelling and exciting, your website may then gain popularity. People will tweet about; share it through social media sites. It may be discussed on forums, and other popular and relevant websites may have a back link to your site which will be recognized by Google and other search engines, and will help in pushing your website up in organic results.
  • Create reciprocal links: which is like a mutual link agreed between two parties. For example, say I am a programmer, and my friend is a programmer as well, but I am a software programmer where as he is a java programmer, so we both help each other out. I will have a link in my website to his site for people that are looking for java programmers and he will have a link to my site on his website for people that are looking for software programmers.
  • Having internal links. It is also important that the links on your website linking to other pages on your website are structured properly and professionally so that they are properly indexed if you create new pages and to help with the ranking on your webpage.
  • Hire a SEO consultant like us:  Professionals like us, know all about link buildings and SEO itself and understand how important it is for the success of a website and the survival of the company itself. This in turn, will prove to be profitable as will it help and maintain with the success of your business


Google recommends that the best way to get other sites to link yours is create such content that will gain popularity and making others to link to your valuable website.


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