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How SEO / Search Engine Optimization Helps Small Business Owners

In probably the simplest words, Search Engine Optimization is where a website or a webpage’s visibility is affected. The more frequent a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it is likely to receive from the search engine’s users. In order to gain that, you need to ensure that your website has certain words search engines require and that is called Search Engine Optimization. It is the simple process of getting traffic from the “organic”, “editorial”, “free” or “natural” listings on the search engines; and all the major commercial search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have such results, for they collect information about every page on the web which enables them to provide information to visitors on what they are looking for. These search engines use an algorithm system to turn all the information into useful search results. There are many methods and aspects to SEO, from the words on your page to the indexed pages linked from other search engines which are also referred to as a recommendation link. Updating content and including keyword phrases that are most frequently searched can improve the visibility of a web page and ultimately generate more traffic and conversion by ranking high in the search results of the search query. Since Search Engine Optimization is a major part of internet marketing, it is essential to improve both the external and the internal factors influencing visibility or ranking in search results.

A SEO is not only limited to academic search or industry specific searches, but also includes video search, image search, local search and news search. In today’s fast changing technological world, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, perhaps, one of the most crucial steps in getting noticed. Being able to appear on the first page of Google requires key words that are pertaining to a company’ mission and vision, and highlights the core services provided by the said company. Successful businesses can not only depend on the advantages of advertising on billboards or advertising on the television during prime time, they have to use several other sources to get the word out, for example, utilizing the social media websites to be known “officially” where the kind of exposure obtained through these search engines can no longer be achieved through other marketing channels alone. A good SEO is ensuring that your website has great, credible, and consistent content that is supported by the requirements needed by the search engines.


How is it beneficial to my business?

Getting noticed and appreciated for the services you provide can be very satisfactory. It not only motivates your business to improve but also to adapt, add, and broaden your services to a bigger audience. Search Engine Optimization helps your businesses to rank high in search engines which results in more traffic and visibility and promotes your brand, but, SEOs are also capable of breaking the credibility of a website or help to increase in popularity. It helps you reach beyond your “borders” and convinces viewers that your business provides the best products or services they are searching for which results in a higher return on investment (ROI). Through the use of Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization provides valuable information about your customers’ data which in turn enables you to make informed decisions regarding your strategies and your businesses, both through digitally and offline.


Search Engine Traffics through Organic Rankings

An organic search engine is the unpaid process of affecting the visibility of a web page or a website in a search engines’ search results. Organic Rankings through Search Engine Optimization is used including key words and key word analysis, link building to improving link popularity, back linking and relevant content. It is the process to obtain a natural process on Organic Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Being able to write an interesting and gripping content helps you to grasp the attention of your viewers and ultimately rank high in Google’s ranking algorithm. Using targeted key words in your page content and splitting key words to add variation to the content can potentially improve the ranking of your website in the search engines’ search result. To be able to display in Google’s organic search results, it is extremely wise to use important key words in the title along with your company’s name. Meta descriptions provide a preview of your page and are displayed beneath the page title of Google’s organic results. Meta descriptions can further be used to your advantage in including key words, for those words will be matched with a user’s search query and displayed in bold. Google’s Universal Analytics measures the changes in search traffic as well as tracks visitors’ interaction with your website, for it is essential to keep track and gain valuable insight about the functionality of your website to optimize the search results.


Ranking Keywords

If people are not aware of your company or the services provided by your organization, it is as if you don’t exist at all. Therefore, it is crucial to include key words in your content in order to appear on a search engine’s search result. In order for you to stand out from your competitors in terms of associating your company with the same key word, you need to dedicate a page on your website with the key word in the title in the main navigation bar of your home page. Using good key words that attract a specific target audience, it is logical to be relevant and use phrases that attract the exact audience you are targeting for. Google’s Keyword Tool helps your content get found, for it enables you to identify opportunity keywords that are easy to gain and are also popular. In the end, choosing the right key words in order for it to rank high in the search engine’s search results, you need to think from your customers’ point of view and determine the words they will type that will lead them to your company or your organization.


Leads & Traffic

As mentioned above, using specific keywords to rank high in Google’s search results, it is crucial to get a keyword analysis done to help you determine the words your prospective customers are typing in the search query. Writing intriguing titles compels your readers to stay on the page and further share your content among their friends. In order to create more awareness about your company, you have to provide the options for ‘liking’, ‘retweeting’ or ‘sharing’ your content at the bottom of each post that will allow readers to share with the network of their choice. Adding blogs to your website also helps in generating more traffic, especially more so, if you have an exclusive platform for your visitors. More traffic and leads can be generated through a landing page that is specifically designed to your target audience about your specific services or products. You will not be the only one using search engine optimization to rank high in Google’s search results for there are many options and tools available to increase the visibility, establishing your brand as a credible company, and generating more leads to land your customers on your web site through the use of important keywords.


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