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Search Engine Optimisation often referred as its acronym SEO is a process of helping your webpage come higher or to the top of “natural” search results. When an individual want to look up for something, he/she uses search engines such as Google. The individual then will type the keywords; he or she is looking for such as “ABC” then there will be results displayed. On those results, there may be sponsored or paid results on the very top and right side of the search results- these are the results that individuals pay a lot to search engines like “Google”, “Bing” and “Yahoo!” to have their site appear at the very top or so. However below those sponsored results, you will see all other results, these are what is known as “organic” or “natural” results. Our goal, through the process of SEO, is that your webpage rank as high as possible, possibly in the very first page of search engines on relevant “natural” search results.

Imagine this: You have launched a unique product, say a small portable device (that you can carry with you at all times) that measures blood pressure and gives you warnings when is too high or low, creates a chart for you and so on, much like a portable heart rate monitor that do exist. The next step you did was creating a website where people can view and understand the technology and also buy the device (you only rely on purchases through your site). But after weeks of creating your website, you see the amount of products you have sold is too low. In fact, you saw, the amount of people that visit your website daily is just too low to be true and you don’t understand why? You do know the basic such as “blood pressure monitor” searches do get a fairly good amount of hits per month, but you imagine why you aren’t getting any traffic to your site even though you have created an extraordinary product? Then you search for “blood pressure monitor” yourself, and looking through pages you just can’t find your website at all. Then you reach page 15 of Google search results, and then finally see your site in the results. You are confused, you are thinking, “How is that possible?” you thought creating a new, unique product would be enough to sell it, but you find out that it is not remotely close enough, so what do you do?

This is where, us, the SEO services provider step in. We will look at everything: your webpage, the content on your site, the keywords you have used for your permalink, your title, your content and so. We will also look “if others are aware of what you have to offer”? As in the example given, you offer a fairly new, exciting and unique device that just basically needs to be known on the online world.

Using the above example, successful SEO will result in your webpage going from page 15 to possibly page 1, and even to the possibility of it showing up in the first few results depending on the relevant searches made by individuals.


What we offer?

Using the above example, we will first look at the keywords you have used. You are offering a unique portable blood pressure machine or monitor, so instead of the keyword “blood pressure monitor” we will try to narrow it down to a more relevant keyword that has good amount of search hits a month and with less competition. In this case, for example, it would be “portable blood pressure machine” or “portable BP monitors”- this will not only prove to make your web page ranking go higher but it is also more relevant to what you offer. We will then look at “on page optimisation” meaning we will look at factors that affect your site ranking from the website you have created. You are offering a unique product- making sure that your webpage have unique value content will only help with your webpage ranking. Is the keyword “portable blood pressure monitor” mentioned on your title, headlines? Is it a part of your URL? Do you have social media sharing options available that will not only help you with the sites ranking, but will also help your product gain recognition and popularity. But that is not all; we have to then look at “Off page optimisation” process which is very important in helping your webpage reach that “top” position. You offer a very unique product that will be very useful and convenient for people suffering with high or low blood pressure. People just need to know about it. We will help you achieve those high quality links that other reputable websites will link to you- we will help you reach to them. Having links from other sites that link back to your site from trusted and reputable sites will make Google and other search engine trust you. It will act as a “recommendation” and Google and other search engines will trust and act upon those “recommendations” as they are recommended by sites Google and other search engines trust to begin with.

Successful SEO is not an over-night process and will take some time, but in the end it will be worth it, it is not only important for revenues and business expansion sake, but also to make sure your business does not fail. We are here to help you. No one can guarantee that your site will come up in the first page of Google, let alone the first results, and if you are looking at SEO companies that do guarantee and gives your ridiculous promises, and then they are uttering complete nonsense. With us, you will know what to expect and what you will achieve, and we promise to use our extensive knowledge and expertise to help your page rank as high as possible in Google and other search engines.


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