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Now, there are many companies that offer SEO services. When an individual who is looking to make his web site rank as high as possible through SEO process will usually look for SEO companies that:

  • Are cheapest
  • Guarantees your “webpage” to show in the first few results of first page of “organic” search results
  • Promises to provide immediate result or result in a very short time frame
  • Promises to provide hundreds of back-link to your site from other websites
  • Guarantees a huge increase in percentage (example 400% ) of “traffic” to your website
  • Even Guarantees a huge  amount of “sale” increase from your website

These are just some of what many promises and guarantees you may have come across when looking for a SEO company. If you were thinking to hire them for making your website rank higher, then this is what you would actually get:

  • Cheap SEO but with no result whatsoever.
  • Finding your webpage stay in the same position after months of SEO.
  • *Not knowing the “true” reason behind your webpage ranking higher successfully in a short time frame and the consequences it brings.
  • **Maybe you do get hundreds of inbound links, but there is something those SEOs are not telling you.
  • No difference or very little difference in traffic increase to your website compared to the “guarantee” given.
  •  ***No increase in amount of products/services you sell from your website.

* If you were impressed on your website suddenly ranking higher, then you won’t be impressed for long because those SEO companies have used a disapproved technique by Google and other search engines called “Black Hat”. These are technique that use “unethical” ways and methods to make your website ranking higher and will most likely result in the site being banned from Google and other search engines or at least being penalise from search engines which will result in your webpage not showing at all in those “natural” search result or being in a rank that is so low, that it doesn’t make a difference whether the site is on the search result or not. You may be very happy in the short term, but what you won’t expect is the reason behind failure of your business and website altogether

**If you became excited and satisfied by finding out, that the SEO provider you chose, gave you a list of hundreds of websites that has a link to your website, then that excitement and satisfaction is going to vanish very soon. If you were hoping that this will be the reason behind your business success or that your business in now going to successfully sell many products/services you offer, then you are again in for a disappointment. The truth is, yes, there could be many inbounds links to your site and even in a short time frame, but those links would likely be “spam” links or from websites that search engines do not trust. What is going to happen? Search engines like Google may penalise your website which will result in your website ranking plummeting, and it will be a very difficult process for successful removal of penalty from Google if ever.

***If a SEO company guarantees an increase in sale from your site, then they are lying to you. Truth is no SEO can guarantee that because whether your site can sell products/services also depends on what you are offering; your products/services, prices, reputation of your company, location and delivery, and so on. Just think, how can an SEO company you hardly know can guarantee your products/services to sell?

What makes us different from other SEO firms is that, we try to optimise SEO in every legitimate way possible that will help your webpage ranking go higher. We give you realistic results that you can expect, after a successful SEO campaign. A successful SEO can take months, even a year depending on your business, keywords usage, competition and so on but in the end, the result is always worth it. Our reputation speaks for itself. We have a proven track record which speaks of the high quality work we deliver. We look at all factors to optimise SEO, from keywords usage to the high quality links to your site from other website. Unlike others, we will work with you and keep in you in the loop of everything that we will do from strategies that we will use such as narrowing down your competition, to using relevant keywords that will give your site the extra edge, to techniques that we will use to request reputable and trusted website to link back to our site. You won’t be disappointed when you hire us, in fact it maybe one of the best investments you ever make, because in the future, this investment is only going to benefit you.


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