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Since we know the importance of search engine optimization and the hesitancy of some businesses to invest in a search engine optimization provider, we offer a word of advice on the various SEO tools and some worthy SEO tips for new comers in the industry. It is essential to have some basic knowledge about the impact of SEO and the keyword selection or the importance of ranking high in Google’s search results. Google’s improved algorithms and the implementation of the Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda has had a considerable impact on the overall landscape of the SEO and changed the search engine’s ability to spot tricky tactics used by some companies to appear on the high rank of the search engine’s search results. In not being able to choose the right keywords that reflect your company, you risk deteriorating the positive image your company has strived so hard to achieve. Having an online presence, means more ROI, tapping into a wider geographic reach and creating more awareness about the services of your company.  By utilizing the free tools such as the Free Keyword Tool for your keyword research, you are able to gain access to thousands of other keyword suggestions from a giant database by just entering a keyword. Another similar tool is the Keyword Tool which also provides new keyword ideas. However, these tools alone do not guarantee an improvement in performance of your sites. Another great tool is the Image SEO Tool which checks the image name of the inputted URL and checks to see if basic image of the SEO techniques are being properly followed.

In order for you to measure the website traffic, understand your customers more, or get more conversions, you should reap the benefit of accessing to Google Analytics as it will help you to understand the important aspects in improving your business and the steps you can take to improve your ranking in the search results. If you want to know the competition for every keyword you type and the local and global searches for these keywords, AdWords Keyword Tool aids in easing the keyword research. In order to keep track of the keyword clicks, list of links, site maps or even the indexing of your website, Google Webmaster Tools is another great free tool that allows you to gain insight to all of that. Search engine optimization helps in enhancing the user experience and helps you to display your content in search results in a way that will enable viewers to instantly refer the keywords to your company. To be able to appear on the search engine’s results page (SERP) you will need to improve the strategy of your SEO to ensure that certain actions are taken that will help your website to appear when specific words are entered in the search query that is linked or relevant to your web content. In basic terms, SEO helps to optimize the content on your website so that in the results of the search rankings, your company or business will appear relatively higher. In order to achieve link building, you need to provide links on each individual piece on your website that will make it easier for the viewers to share your content on different social media. For which purpose, it is wise to keep in mind that when creating a Facebook page, you are using your business’ name because providing a different name to talk about your own company will make you come across as unauthentic and will lead you to lose potential customers.

Utilizing unethical techniques to gain a fast and higher search ranking will risk you from getting penalized or in worst case scenarios getting removed from Google’s search engines. Another useful tip would be to sign up for Google+ Business Page that allows you to add several customized links within your profile and consecutively sharing your content to your page will most likely increase your chances of appearing of Google’s SERP. When it comes to optimizing businesses online, search engine optimization will always play an important role in ensuring high traffic or a higher rank in search engines. It is highly crucial to provide quality contents and use certain keywords in those contents in order to get recognized and referred to by those words. Sharing some content on your social media sites increases your social presence for it enables in driving more traffic and building brand awareness. Once a business starts running, it attracts with it customers and competitors likewise, and when you decide to go digital, you have to prioritize all your activities around the importance of certain keywords, or the level of competition about your same products or services. You will stand a stronger chance at building user awareness if you are socially active; use creative and intriguing content to appear on the search results. When everyone is impatient to merely wait 60seconds for a page to load, you need to ensure that your page loads quickly because it adds to a better user experience which will consequently lead to more shares.


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