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SEO Trainings are Essential for Future Businesses

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and as the name suggests SEO is all about making your website visible when an individual or user searches for a relevant result. You try to make sure that in the search results, it comes up in the first page of Google, possibly in the first few results. People often think that is very difficult or almost impossible to achieve that, but it is not as far as it is relevant to what the individual has been searching for. On top of that, they also believe that it is impossible for them to do it as they do not possess any technical knowledge but again it’s not, you can be trained on how to successfully get SEO results.

If companies offering search engine optimisation services tell you that SEO is very difficult, and you need years of experiences with extensive knowledge to successfully get your website on the first page of Google or other search engines, then they are not telling you the truth. The truth is you do need those years of technical knowledge to get SEO results, but yes, you do need time, you do need to be focused and you also need some training. Fortunately we offer both, people who are restricted in time and need someone else who are successful like us to do it for them or if they are looking to do it themselves.

Good SEO takes time and effort, if someone promises or guarantees to make your webpage come in the first page of Google or even in the first few results especially in a matter of days, then what they are telling you is only going to hurt you. Because apart from it taking weeks to months for successful SEO implementation, no one can guarantee that your website page would be in the first few results or even in the first page of Google or other search engines.

There are a lot of ways for successful SEO, and a lot of tools, tips and training that are available for you. For example there is Google Adwords service which is a free tool provided by Google to help you research which keywords are important for your website. Using this tool, you can look up for a keyword and see how many people around the world search for this particular keyword and also its competition. Of course you want the competition to be “low”. This helps you decide whether the keyword you have thought of would yield enough results that you have been looking for or how big the competition is for the keyword. It even shows local searches and similar and related keywords to that of yours, which may change your mind depending on the searches made by individuals and also its competition. It maybe a little confusing for you if you have never used or have no idea on how to use but that is why we offer SEO training. SEO is not as complicated as it is often considered or made to be, you can do it yourself, and it’s only natural if you want to as it is your own website and you may want to be in control. We are here to help and train you on doing successful SEO. We can help you reach the high spot you are and have been looking for in the relevant search result, and in time, successful SEO will make a positive difference to your website and company.

We will train you on what is acceptable by Google and other search engines and what is not, also known as the acceptable White hat technique and the unacceptable Black hat technique. Yes, there are SEO companies that use black hat technique and if you hire them, sooner or later, you will discover your website not showing up at Google or other search engines at all as Google and other search engine may ban your website if you follow against their guideline or practices that Google or they don’t allow. You can view those in Google webmaster guidelines where not only does it show what it does not approve but also what you should follow. Of course, you may not understand some techniques that are both acceptable and unacceptable; therefore, we are here to help you understand.

On top of all that, search engines like Google tend to appreciate your website page “Content”. Having a high quality content will automatically sell and your website will gain popularity in turn, making your website rank higher. Google also recognise new and fresh information in your site. If you are constantly updating, making new pages on your site, it will help to make your webpage ranking higher as Google does reward high quality, new and unique value content.


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