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There are many companies that claim to be search engine optimisation experts. But how do you know which of them are phony? And which of them are genuine? As an expert in the SEO field, we have developed a set of guidelines that you should ask the so called “SEO experts” before making a decision and what we offer that separates us from them:

  1. 1.      What are you going to do to make a difference?
    1. SEO is a two part process: on-page and off-page optimisation. If the company, only mentions that all they are going to do is find websites to link back to you, then they are not doing a very good job at SEO. Finding websites to link back to you matters, but first making sure that those websites are reputable sites and the links are relevant to what you offer, will be the difference that help you achieve a higher ranking but before the link-building comes, finding ways to optimise your website comes first, which is also crucial for making your website rank as high as possible in Google and other search engines “natural” search results.
    2. We first begin by looking at your keywords, and what you can do to optimise your keywords and generate traffic to your website when an individual types a relevant keyword. We also look at the competition that comes with different keywords and the monthly searches locally and around the world those keywords brings. Then we will look at your website for on page optimisation. How you use your keywords in relevant areas on your web page for higher ranking such as in your title, headlines, internal links and so on. We then look at off page optimisation and strategies we can use to bring high quality links to your site from other websites
    3. 2.      The quickest way to generate links?
      1. If the SEO company you are looking at, starts to show you all types of ways and what they will be doing to creating tens or hundreds of back-link to your sites from other websites then if that is the case, you will soon discover that you are dealing with a weak SEO firm that maybe using illegitimate ways for link building to your site which will sooner or later get your site penalised from Google.
      2. With us, we first look at your products/services you offer. Then we find strategies to link build to your website from other websites that are relevant to what you offer. We then pursue those reputable relevant companies to have a link in their site in the relevant area/category to link back to your site. Yes, it does require some time, but it also does bring high quality links that are trusted by Google and other search engines helping rank your webpage even higher in search results.
      3. 3.      Any quick solution?
        1. If you are looking at an SEO firm that is promising over-night results or “first-page” Google (or other search engine) natural search results in a few weeks or even “guaranteeing” to get your website in the first few displays of natural search results then you are heading on for scam and lies. Even if your website does come up in the first page of say Google search result especially in a matter of few days or weeks, then what the SEO firm has used to achieve that, is considered illegitimate by Google, and will result in a penalty from Google that will see your website disappear from the first few pages or completely on organic search results.
        2. The truth is, no one can guarantee to have your website show up in the first few results let alone the first page on “organic” searches and let alone in matter of days or weeks, unless if they are practising what is banned and not allowed by major search engines. We know that successful SEO takes time and we are not going to make ridiculous promises or guarantees to you that will only result you getting disappointed. However, you can be rest assured that hiring a reputable SEO firm with proven record like us will make a positive difference to your webpage ranking.

Our team of SEO experts have years of experience and are specialised in this SEO field, and have helped clients around the world in making a positive difference in their webpage ranking.  Successful SEO will take some time, but in the end it is always worth it, as your website will gain popularity, increase in traffic which may result in increase of sales of your products and services but you have to be careful with which SEO firm you are hiring. Hiring a reputable, successful SEO Company like us with proven record will only yield positive result and help build a positive image of your website and company which will result in your website page ranking higher in natural search results throughout different search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo! And so on


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