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Basics You Need to Know As Web Marketing Experts


Being the web marketing experts, we have the experience and the knowledge needed to carry out businesses online. We are aware of the importance of certain targeted keywords within a niche market, and know the techniques that can be implemented to increase the visibility of the sites in major search engines through those keywords, generate more leads and traffic that will result in more brand awareness which in turn will lead to more conversions. What is marketing? What is the core purpose of web marketing for a business? What can be done to achieve a higher visibility in the web’s search results?

Marketing, in its truest sense is the simple exchange of communicating the value of a product or service to sell it to their intended customers. You are basically shouting “I am the best” through the various means, be it online, on television, over the radio, on billboards, and etc, and using the many strategies and market segmentation to communicate and deliver value to your customers. Web marketing or internet marketing uses its newest platform (the internet) to do the same thing-deliver the marketing message of businesses to their consumers in a creative way. And when internet is concerned, all of its other aspects are also taken into account, such as search engine marketing, web banner advertising (and other types of display advertising), social media marketing, mobile advertising, and e-mail marketing.

SEM or search engine marketing’s core purpose is for a website’s visibility to increase in the SERPs (search engine results pages). It enables a website’s keywords to appear more often in the search results.

Social media marketing is where we help businesses increase their presence and activity through various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and etc, to directly interact with their consumers. Companies are able to promote their products through regular updates and offer promotional discounts through their online profiles.

Smart phones are a convenient way for searchers to gather information anytime and from any where they want. These devices are not limited to only one kind, for they are growing and adapting rapidly with improved connection. Mobile advertising is done through various techniques, some of which is, but not limited to, short message service ads (sms), multimedia messaging service ads (MMS). Remember those unwanted, irritating and often surprising promotional messages of a product by a random company? The ones where you wonder if you should change your number to avoid the messages? Yes, that is a form of mobile advertising that unintentionally annoys their potential consumers.

E-mail marketing is not as annoying as their above counterpart because they give an option to the recipients to opt-out of their future emails even if they have initially subscribed to receive such mails.

The selection of the right targeted keywords and the use of those keywords in the content of your web pages increases your chances of more visibility in Google’s search results. In order to do that, an intense keyword research is carried out through Google Keyword Tool where we, as web marketing experts, are able to gain an insight to the level of competition for our targeted keywords and that enables us to adapt the keywords if need be. We are able to measure progress against our clients’ objectives for their businesses by employing a wide variety of metrics and tools. Various web marketing researches are carried out to give us a better understanding of the competitors, their client base, and the similarities of their targeted keywords with our customers’. A simple SWOT analysis will help us to determine what strengths of our customers’ keywords, which other companies are competing for that particular keyword, in which part of their web content have they faltered, and the threats they can face from emerging new competitors’ websites. All industry sectors virtually use some kind of online marketing in order to gain more customers, which otherwise, limits them to only their borders. The cost of marketing over the web is relatively less because communicating over the electronic medium is also less where you are able to reach a vast audience in the globe at a short span of time and get a higher return on investment as compared to other mediums. We are able to measure the response of our clients’ audience which helps us to see the size of that audience, what lead that audience to our clients’ web page, and whether those visit resulted in a sale. Thanks to the internet, we are able to become the web marketing experts, and are able to help our clients in marketing the promotional messages by incorporating the use of images, links, audio and videos to make it interactive for our clients’ audience. It enables us to reach any corner of the globe or even target a narrow market segment. In today’s economy, in order to maximize sales, companies need to include creative internet marketing strategies to be successful which helps them build a strong brand image.


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