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In the simplest terms, web design, is the process of collecting ideas and conveying those ideas to your customers on electronic web pages. It includes a set of principles and elements that if followed, guarantees a positive impression about your company. Cheap websites have the tendency to overlook or miss one of two of the crucial elements in making a great website. However, there are credible and reliable web design companies that offer cheap website design packages without compromising on quality. Some of the key visual elements of web design are as follows:


The layout of your web page speaks volumes about your company and how professional you are in terms of portraying your services and products in a favorable light. It is the area where your text, ads or graphics are arranged in an appropriate manner that helps your viewers to easily understand the message you are conveying. By maintaining the consistency, the integrity and the balance of the layout of your web site, you are able to provide key information to viewers almost instantly.



Since “content is king”, it is extremely important to include certain keywords that will help the search engine to find you when searchers have typed that certain keyword or phrase in the search query. By adding all the relevant keywords, you increase your chances of ranking high in the major search engines and also increase the visibility of your company in those search query’s search results.  You have to also keep in mind to not confuse your readers by providing unnecessary information in your content and to hold their interest long enough by providing interesting and engaging content. In order to enhance the message on your web site, design and content can work together through the use of visuals and texts.



Graphics visually speak about your company to your potential customers. Web design is further enhanced through the use of images and icons or clipart and logos which help the readers remember about the company or make an otherwise simple content seem eye catching and interesting.



There is a number of “safe-fonts” that is generally worked by web designers for a web site’s design can be considerably enhanced through the use of many different fonts.



Although color is not as important as the other elements in a web design, it plays a significant role in gripping the viewers’ attention. The theme of your color choice depends on the market you are targeting or the clients you have based your web site on, for a different targeted audience require different color scheme that speaks most favorably about your company or organization.


 After you have established the elements of your website, you have to ensure that your web site is up to date with the technological advances. With people surfing the net through different platforms such as mobile phones or tablets or computers, you have to ensure that your web site is easily viewable across these different resolutions.  If your web page is easily viewed across different operating systems or browsers, you increase your chances of reaching more customers that are accustomed to a certain type of technology. When creating the navigation tools or the site architecture, you have to pay attention to how most of your viewers search for the products and services that you provide, what key phrases they type in the search query, how long they spend on the web site and whether their search has been quenched when they have visited your web page. Reading a page about a product can get dull and uninformative, but including a video explaining the services or the advantages of using a certain product can be understood faster and also maintains the interests of your potential customers. Including any relevant audios or videos compels the viewers to spend more time on your web page. You can make your web sites more interactive by adding feedback options or comment boxes in the design, or convert your visitors to your customers by providing the option of subscribing to your e-mails or newsletters.


Cheap web design packages provided by well established web design companies cover the main areas of a web site ensuring that your needs and wants are met by the professional services provided by them. After you have launched your web site which is fully functional, you have to continuously monitor and update it. If you, being the owner of the web site are careless and not bothered about the freshness of your page, why would viewers or search engines consider your company to be reliable over your competitors? According to your specifications, web designers will build the web site that will enable you to achieve your targeted goals with creating a web site. Along with the concerns of generating more traffic to your site, to increasing the customer base, all the graphical aspects are also taken into consideration when creating a web design. One of the most important aspects of graphics is the logo design which makes a statement about the values and vision of your company or organization. A cheap logo design might consequently not lead to a strong brand image so when making a logo, it is important to note that the logo will continue to speak about your company on your behalf and, of course, will be imprinted on the products and services provided by your company, including your web site. Your logo design has to be distinctive and simple that can be easily recognized by your customers.


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